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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Disney on Ice: Rockin’ Ever After in Toronto

Teddy Disney on Ice

This week we were lucky to watch Disney on Ice: Rockin’ Ever After show in Toronto. Rogers Centre was quite packed for the evening show (we were there on Wednesday), lots of girls and boys in costumes. Teddy also put on his Pirate outfit as a symbol of magic adventures and was equipped with finger lights to wave to Mickey and lightning stick.

The show started with fancy and funny introduction including Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy to Teddy's excitement (my boy was not like that last year).

Disney Under the Sea

First story was about Little Mermaid Ariel. I think the whole story sequence was caught so smoothly. The scenes were very colorful with all the “Under the Sea” beauty of plants and sea creatures plus the song (I was singing too). Honestly, I would be happy to escape to such wonderful “Under the Sea” we saw.
Sea witch Ursula was huge and moved smoothly on ice and we heard the audience when she first showed up, her octopus-like costume looked quite interesting.

Rapunzel Tangled
Next story was Tangled about princess Rapunzel with long beautiful hair. Some parts of this story looked same as last year, may be a little bit shorter, but we liked it anyway. My boy was impressed with Lanterns scene last year and this year’s one was quite different with all these orange lights going up, so beautiful! And Maximus, the lovely horse was skating like a pro. 

Merida Brave
Third story was about Merida from Brave, appeared first time not only on Ice but among audience too, we noticed so many little cute Merida fans. We haven’t seen the movie Brave before so we were just guessing what was going to happen with this red head archery beauty.

Belle Be our Guest Be our guest Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast Castle
The last story was Beauty and the Beast, Teddy’s favorite. He knows all the songs from the movie and heard them so many times that this part was truly enjoyable. The costumes were just incredible especially for scenes in a castle including “Be our Guest” . The feeling was that the whole story was present: Gaston with his intentions, the Beast in his castle, Belle looking for love and town people around.

All the previous Disney shows seemed quite short to me, but not this time. We truly enjoyed the show and it was just perfect, have to say that it featured lots of solo skating scenes same as mass ones, and skating level was quite high. I think that great combination of music, skating, decorations and March Break mood did the right job created all the Magic memories lasting forever.

Disney on Ice

P.S Pay attention to Mickey’s and Minnie’s skates, they looked like regular shoes, I had not even noticed blades ( Is it first time or maybe I just did not see that before?)

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