.@TeddyOutReady: Spring day in Sibbald Point Park

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring day in Sibbald Point Park

It is good to have hot and sunny days back. We decided to check out Simcoe Lake in Sibbald Point Ontario Provincial Park on Saturday, first day of Victoria Day long week end.

Teddy was glad to put on some sunscreen and his favorite sunglasses again. We took with us Teddy’s portable house, a couple of balls to play, a picnic blanket along with food and drinks and intended to enjoy the great weather, fresh clean air and picturesque views.

We were happy to escape from our metropolitan city for a day to be one to one with Mother Nature.

Teddy dashed to the lake as soon as we got there. Water was very cold and almost unbearable to stay in, but for him the biggest fun was to play with lake stones and throw them into the water.

We walked around the park and found a big blooming lilac tree. There were so many bees, butterflies and bumblebees around the tree. Teddy had not seen bumblebees before, was very curious, event tried to touch them.

He also liked to play with pine cones that left from last year as well as with new ones. After all activities we enjoyed our lunch and spent our afternoon time sunbathing.

Beach ball became handy and Teddy played with it quite a long time, kicking ball around, and then played volleyball with us.

When we came back home tired and happy, it was already a dusk. What a wonderful day it was! And we still had two more days ahead to enjoy great weather and relax.

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