.@TeddyOutReady: First LEGO steps in Teddy's life

Friday, February 3, 2012

First LEGO steps in Teddy's life

Every child in our days becomes exposed to a LEGO universe sooner or later. We introduced LEGO to Teddy fist time when he was just 20 months old last October.We went to Vaughan Mills Toys R Us for LEGO Spider Build. It was Halloween time and they provided every kid with a set of mini Lego bricks and instructions  how to build the spider.Teddy wasn’t impressed that time and preferred to play with adorable plush toys instead.

Just a month after that we went to Baby Time Show and it was a LEGO play zone there and  many tables with LEGO elements in a variety of colors & shapes. For more then 30 minutes Teddy was mesmerized and played by himself without paying attention to the rest of the world. And of cause if was a huge LEGO Lion there and Teddy got a picture with him in lion’s jaws.
After that we decided that we definitely need to buy him his first LEGO set.

 We finally reached LEGO® Store at Fairview Mall around the Christmas time to buy Teddy LEGO DUPLO set.

He was 22 months old and was already ready for it. When we walked in to the store it was an interactive play area positioned in the center of the store designed for hands-on, minds-on play. Teddy rushed there and immersed into LEGO word once again.

We bought Teddy “My First Fire station” LEGO DUPLO set. He likes to play with it and use his fantasy and imagination for designing and making something real out of bulk of colorful shapes.

LEGO becomes engaging, entertaining and fun experience for our family.
Have to go and buy more blocks: we are building Toronto – from the scratch!


  1. Looks like your son is really having a blast with all that Lego!


  2. Your little boy is so precious. Legos are great for kids.

  3. They just ought to give out Legos for every baby shower. They're so loved by all kids.

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