.@TeddyOutReady: 2011 Top 10 Teddy’s Achievements Report (10 - 22 months)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 Top 10 Teddy’s Achievements Report (10 - 22 months)

1. Walked 2 times a day for 2 hours during spring and summer – played on the playground near Community Center. Got some tan and became fit.

2. Attended swimming classes - Parent and Tot1 (10 classes) –   Parent and Tot2 (2 times, 10 classes each). Comfortable in water, may hold breath and be under the water 10-15 sec. Likes to swim by himself in inflatable armbands. Enjoys diving in the water: by himself in armbands and with assist without ones. Discovered and swam in Simcoe Lake, Buckhorn Lake and Conestoga Lake, as well as in outdoor pools at Conservation Areas.

3. Attended My Gym starting fall. Enjoy bars, obstacle courses, balance beams, slides, ladders. Ball pool and trampolines are favorites of all. 

4. Likes to dance. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the place were they teach kids dance before he turns 3. But we got Wii and Just Dance games. Now Teddy dances when and how he wants. Nice moves.
5. He can eat with spoon and fork. Still awkward, but without help.

6. Teddy loves puzzles. Some of them from age 2 to 6, but he already solved and bored with them.
7. Likes to have everything in order and show sign of frustration if something is not where it should be in his understanding.

8. Remembers everything. If he sees in a magazine or on TV something that exists at home, he goes upstairs or in another room and brings that to show us. Sometimes he sees something on TV and then brings us the magazine with a picture of  what he found.

9. Likes to watch KidsCBC and was on seventh heaven when he spent 10 minutes playing with Sid and Captain Claw during CBC Open House. Teddy also was a part of Kids Canada Team on CBC with Power of Help. We recorded it and watch from time to time when he asks.

10. Once I witnessed how Teddy switched on DVD player, Extracted DVD from there, Put that DVD in the box, Opened DVD box with his favorite cartoons, Inserted new disc in DVD player, turned on TV and sat in armchair to watch cartoons. I pushed Play button on remote, to start playing, but the rest he did by himself.

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