.@TeddyOutReady: Teddy joined Family Day in the Martingrove Gardens Park

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Teddy joined Family Day in the Martingrove Gardens Park

On Sunday, June 26 Teddy had a great time at the Martingrove Gardens Park.
The park,created in the 1950s, is located between The Westway and Dixon Road in Etobicoke.

Since it was build, the park had very few updates and now it is in desperate need of renovations, that is why a dedicated group of area residents EMBRACE Martingrove Gardens is rising money to build a new playground for all the children living in the area.

The group invited us to join Family Day and BBQ in the park, and of course, Teddy could not miss this event and joined this amazing community celebration.

Teddy with GrandMa, Daddy and Virgin Radio.

Teddy is ready to pick up a winning candy.

Oh yeah, the prize!!!

First time in Teddy's life face painting, Lion on the cheek.

Tried a jumping castle, actually these ones are for older kids.

Teddy with GrandMa, Clown Lady and Daddy, ready for a parade around the park.

Orange giraffe for Teddy.

 Singing Teddy
Some bubbles to enjoy

Parachute fun


  1. Beautiful pictures. Look like a lot of fun. I hope they raised enough money for the renovations :)

  2. Teddy has sure grown up from when you did this post. They grow weeds gone wild, don't they?

  3. Look at those sweet pictures!! He's a little cutie pie!