.@TeddyOutReady: Protect Your Bathroom from Leakage with Secure-A-Tank #FixTheGap

Monday, April 6, 2015

Protect Your Bathroom from Leakage with Secure-A-Tank #FixTheGap

I would never have thought that the gap between the toilet tank and wall in a bathroom can cause serious water leakage. If you have active kid like ours who always run around, play, can go to the washroom whenever you go, shake, touch and try to move everything on his way, then you need to get the special bathroom tank “gadget” called Secure A Tank. This device, designed by professional plumber, prevents leaks and damage caused by the gap between the toilet tank and wall. Any pressure against the tank as a result of leaning back, kids having fun around or uncle Tod who gained some pounds since last visit, can cause the gaskets deformation. Even a little hole in the gasket (that keeps water from leaking) can lead to a significant, but not very noticeable right away, water leakage.


Secure A Tank set contains toilet tank spacer sets which are enough for two tanks to secure against the wall. This product is pretty easy to use; the only challenging part of the installation is cutting the pieces (two of them) to the right extent to fit the size the gap in your washroom. These plastic parts along with a hook perfectly secure a tank against the wall for no more unwanted toilet movements.

I do not know much about plumbing but always listen to professional advice if it makes my life secure and avoid “washroom” surprises from damaged floors to unnecessary bills. Secure A Tank does not need any special knowledge or practice before installation.

From aesthetic point of view, Secure A Tank spacer set looks absolutely invisible comparing it to a wooden brick or a piece of foam plastic. This product is affordable, around $10 on Amazon.com and available at major hardware retailers across US.

Homeowners, landlords, families with young kids, hotels, spas and resorts definitely find the practical use for Secure A Tank product. For more information and other amazing household products, please check company web site.


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