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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Belly Banter stickers review

Handsome photo BellyBanterHandsome_zps0fc71be0.jpg

Recently I received Belly Banter boy sticker set for review. Belly Banter is a funny, easy and stylish way to announce baby’s milestones, monthly birthdays, pregnancy stages and make some funny statements; great for photos, photo cards and scrap booking. The motto of using is easy: Peel, Apply and Capture. Each set has 15 4” inch stickers.

We had an interesting turn around when I showed my Belly Banter sticker set to our family members, their reaction was more like “Oh, another stickers, there are tons of them around”. Everything changed when I started using them for my boy photo shots, I chose clothes which were close by color and a theme to the sticker’s message and we made some great pictures. Then I showed the photos to my family and friends, this time they were saying “WOW, this looks really awesome!” or “Where did you get that T-shirt?”

Tough Guy photo BellyBanterToughGuy_zps3f09bf7f.jpg

I like how Belly Banter stickers help to announce baby’s monthly birthdays, it is not only a capture of important moments of your life but also lots of fun for a mommy, a baby and the whole family. I think the round shape of stickers and applying them on a belly bump make them naturally attractive, we had so much fun with Teddy, and it was like playing a game.

Kids are growing fast, and as a parent I want to capture every moment of my kid’s life, all these precious moments we enjoy together from birth to first food, seasons and holidays. Thank you, Belly Banter, for making it so real and we are looking forward to new creative sets.

Amazing news:  Belly Banter was announced as one of the latest and fabulous PTPA Winners. Congratulations!

PTPA Winner photo winnersSeal_big-Copy_zpse00325af.jpg
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Teddy in Paris Day 2 Part I

 photo TeddyNotreDamedeParis_zpsc54f2dbf.jpg  photo NotreDameoutside_zps34382f96.jpg

Our second day in Paris with a toddler was quite challenging, we decided to visit Notre Dame de Paris, The Conciergerie, the Sainte Chapelle and finally the Point Neuf, these famous attractions are located close to each other.

We started with Notre Dame de Paris, a beautiful church with such familiar look but this time we saw it real. Lots of tourists were around fascinated with the magnificent view. The front of Notre Dame was filled with visitors taking pictures; when we arrived, the line-up to enter the Cathedral was very long and stretched for a few blocks. Finally, the line-up turned out not to be a big problem as it moved fast, and during that time me and Teddy had a chance to look around and do some shopping (since lots of boutiques were just across the street)  while my husband was standing in line.

 photo NotreDamedeParisTop_zps2b850faf.jpg  photo NotreDamedeParisoutside_zps6d817287.jpg

It was a little dark inside the Notre Dame, but I am glad it was allowed to take some pictures there (with no flash mode). The Notre Dame Cathedral was quite big so we were able to use our stroller inside and have Teddy sitting and watching all the beauty around. We all found the Notre Dame so beautiful: these walls, sculptures and mosaics. Then we walked around outside, and I can say that outside views did not disappoint either.

 photo NotreDamedeParissculpture_zps57e9d037.jpg

We decided not to climb up the stairs of the Notre Dame,  it would be nice to see the bells and other interesting views but with our toddler and stroller that could have been such an undertaking plus slow moving line-up so we skipped that and headed to the Sainte Chapelle, our next attraction for that day.

 photo NotreDamedeParisMosaic1_zpsa62c7a5d.jpg

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Remodel & Create Your Dream Home with Royal Building Products

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

After our European travelling and breathtaking images of beautiful architecture we were eager to apply some changes to our home, add a fresh and new look to it according to seasonal waves.  Spring urges us to start some renovations, wake up our inner creativity and get rid of everything old, dull and gloomy.  That’s why we turned our requests to Royal Building Products a leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials.  

Their dedication to quality, renovation and exceptional customer relationships attracted not only professionals in the construction industry but also regular homeowners willing to renovate and improve their residences.  Operating throughout North America, Royal Building Products offer a wide range of innovative products including mouldings, deck, window profiles, siding, patio doors, trim, accessories and rain ware.

Besides tons of colors, sizes and styles, Royal products designed to provide low maintenance, save energy and last over the long term.  And one of these products is vinyl siding which nowadays the choice #1 for exterior cladding in the United States and Canada.   Did you know that vinyl siding became super-popular since 1960 due to its durability and easy maintenance.  Vinyl siding is available in such vast variety of colors and designs that can help any architect or builder meet their remodeling and construction needs.

Royal Building Products also offer an amazing Virtual Remodeler on their Web site where you can get a “taste” of their products applying to your home, a future project or already existing images on-line, check it out for your creative ideas. I found this tool is very helpful and easy to use.

Do you have lots of renovating ideas in your mind, on the way of creating your dream home or just want to add some remodelling features to your existing residence, so visit Royal Building Products, they always ready to help and provide the best products to homeowners.


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Improve Your Life with Krill Oil

Our active lifestyle requires significant resources as physical as emotional. Being a busy mom and having an active toddler is not the easiest that is why when I was given an opportunity to review Krill Oil by Everest Nutrition I was excited to do that. It was also a way to think and care more about myself.

krill oil

I learned that Everest Nutrition’s Krill Oil is extracted from Krill, very small, shrimp living deep within the waters surrounding the Antarctic. Krill Oil product was shipped to me few weeks ago, it was a nice blue color bottle, the color which reminds me ocean, sea or something related to the water. That time I was not in my best mood dissatisfied with everything in my life including myself.

It is recommended to take two capsules daily for regular use and for intensive one take two capsules twice a day. So I started taking two capsules daily, I found them smell like fish and like that, even after reading some reviews that there were not. I also like that they made in capsules so they do not stuck in a throat as other non-capsule made medications.

I was reading Everest Nutrition Krill Oil’s research report to learn how I can benefit from taking the supplement. Here are the benefits of omega 3 krill oil I found good for my health: abilities to support joint health, boost your energy, reduce aging and promote heart health.

After taking Krill Oil for few days I noticed changes in my body, first in joints, I stopped feeling that slight pain in my legs and neck. It definitely filled me with more energy since I started doing more tasks during the day. As for heart health I cannot measure that because I do not have any significant problems but I want to make sure I am on a healthy track.

Overall I started feeling myself much better, I compare it to the moment when you have a deep breath of fresh air but it lasts much longer. You see the world in a different perspective, and feel like everything is possible. Not sure if that feeling is seasonal or Krill Oil did most of the work or both. I will recommend for sure this product to my friends and relatives, because I want them to improve their lives and their health too. Better health is better life for everyone.  

Disclosure: I received Everest Nutrition Krill Oil product to facilitate this review on behalf of Blog Friendly PR. No other compensation was received.  All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog post are 100% honest and my own.
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Teddy in Paris Day 1: Arrival, Hotel, Eiffel Tower

 photo TeddyinParisDay1EiffelTower_zpse519eb60.jpg

We were at Pearson Airport ready to fly to Paris I have never been but heard so many good and exciting stories. My research guides before the going were Internet and Rick Steves' Paris 2013 book. The flight was quite good, Teddy fell asleep right after the dinner giving us time to watch movies from the beginning to the end. Travelling with small kids also gives a benefit of skipping line-ups during boarding.

We arrived to Charles de Gaulle Airport on Friday afternoon; it was Easter week-end. At the airport ,workers were really nice treated us with sweets, chocolate bunnies especially when they saw Teddy in a stroller (he was sleeping that time) , saying that one more treat for a baby.

We easily found the Information Booth, bought tickets and transit passes Pass Navigo for a week. I decided to get the pass for a week just being out of hassle with tickets and a flexibility of travelling for the whole week. There are so many things to explore were ahead.

Initially we also wanted to buy museum passes at the airport (it was a good idea) but we were so excited to be in the City of Lights so we skipped that planning to buy them at the attractions close to our hotel (the better solution was to get passes at the airport as later we spent some time standing in a long line for passes with active toddler).

The day was nice and sunny; we caught out RER train going to the city, not having problem passing with our UPPA Baby stroller with sleeping baby via checking gates. At the second stop a musician with accordion entered the train playing nice music, after first sounds we were sure we are finally in PARIS.

In comparison in Toronto no musicians play in a train, of course, there are lots of them on a platform and near shopping spots.

Our second RER gates passing was not as successful as first one, our stroller was stuck and squeezed with gates which made me panic, but glad we managed to push it forward. After that we decided to fold our stroller all the time we are travelling by RER or subway (Metro).

Finally we reached the stop École Militaire where our hotel was located. Our Hôtel Royal Phare turned out to be exactly what I read about it on-line, small elevator, small stairs and corridors, but we were lucky we got a quite big room (I think because of three of us) .

 photo TeddyinParisEiffelTower_zps801dea40.jpg

This hotel became our home for the next nine beautiful and amazing days in Paris. That day and first day we ended by visiting the Eiffel Tower since it was close about few minutes’ walk from our hotel. The view was so impressive, as Teddy said “Oh, that’s THE TOWER”.
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Teddy with 2014 FIFA World Cup Winner's Trophy - Wordless Wednesday

We did not get a chance to watch the soccer game Paris St Germain vs Barcelona in Paris this month but were lucky to attend 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Winner's Trophy Event last week, close to home in Vaughan at TRIO Sportsplex thanks to CIBC and VISA. I still can't believe that this Trophy will be awarded to the champions of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The event was filled with many activities so Teddy had a good time there trying soccer drills, playing games, face painting and posing with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Winner's Trophy.

 photo 2014FIFATrophyCIBC_zpsc69fc873.jpg  photo 2014FIFATrophyEvent_zps1c13ae7d.jpg
 photo 2014FIFATrophyfan_zpsce485155.jpg  photo 2014FIFATrophysoccer_zps8ef37b8f.jpg
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Cleaning Chores – Useful Tips from Insurance Hunter

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring Cleaning Tips Insurance Hunter

Spring started showing its awakening signs even with some snow and freezing rain.  Being out for March Break and travelling during Easter time left us a little time for spring cleaning, but now we are ready start our spring chores, pack our heavy winter clothes, boots, clean my boy’s closet of outgrown stuff (found pants for 6 month baby though my boy is already 3 years old) and bring some brightness to our everyday living by washing the windows.  There are so many things need to be done in spring.

Recently, Insurance Hunter introduced an interesting article Tips for getting your spring cleaning chores organized, it has useful tips and thanks to the first one about creating a “to-do” list of the chores that need to be completed, I was able to start my Spring Cleaning Project. Then in my "to-do" list I split my cleaning routine by category, what has to be done indoor: by room:a kitchen, a bathroom,a living room and outdoor: a front porch,a backyard and a garden.  The effectiveness of “to-do” list comes from having listed all the things that need to be done even the easiest ones.  Isn’t it amazing to see your checklist and track your progress as tasks finished one after another?

One of my favorite tips from the list is to create a timeline and assign a number of dates when you plan to complete each tasks.  Setting a deadline makes you focus on the most important tasks first.  I set up to finish my indoor chores first by the end of April so that we will be able to spend more on our back yard, garden and front.

And do not forget to reward yourself as well as members of your family who helped you in spring cleaning. It could be a movie night together or a getaway.

Please take a look at Insurance Hunter post for more spring cleaning tips, check out their auto insurance quotes and much more.  Let us know how is your spring cleaning going? Have you started it already or almost done?

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Teddy's Toronto Kids-Fest 2013

 photo 146_zpsc8b0ad84.jpg

One of our favorite kids show in winter is KidsFest. KidsFest is Canada’s largest inflatable festival for kids under 12 years old taking place on Family Day week-end in Toronto and Hamilton. This year we were lucky to attend the show; it was filled with lots of activities for kids, meet-and-greets, stage shows and even more inflatables than last year.

 photo 100_zpsb88fc23e.jpg  photo 026_zps5b55e990.jpg

We arrived early, right after Kids-Fest 2013 opened its doors. Teddy grew up since last year and was ready for taking more rides, slides, climbs and crawling. My boy was excited for new rides for him: Kraken - a huge ship , Sea World and Jurassic Survior, he also liked Toy Story 3, Pirates of the Caribbean and Firemans Friend.

 photo 046_zpsaca7339d.jpg

Reptillia’s displays and their meet-and-greet were very inviting, my boy was not afraid to approach and play with animals, like meeting his old buddies.

 photo 176_zpsa0db2452.jpg

This year stage shows were big hits. We were happy to meet and hear again our old friend children’s entertainer Suzie Sunshine, kids love her so much and her songs, only Teddy was shy to participate, but was curious to use a maracas. Another show we were managed to watch that day was Hands on Exotics, the show about exotic animals, interesting facts and stories about them. And the most exciting we were allowed to touch some of them.

 photo 067_zpsb9a38ea1.jpg  photo 081_zpscea0a364.jpg
What Kids-Fest without animated movie characters, so this year we met guys from DISPICABLE ME 2, the new comedy film coming out this summer.

We spent the whole day at Kids-Fest and left just before closing, Teddy did not want to leave asking to continue his jumping journey. This Kids Fest was such a huge success, we attended it second year and every time it was interesting, exciting and fun. Looking forward to the next Kids Fest in 2014!

 photo 037_zps1dd31922.jpg  photo 030_zps89af5a44.jpg
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teddy in Paris having a good time near Eiffel Tower - Wordless Wednesday

Last week we were vacationing in France and one week lived in a hotel close to Eiffel Tower. After busy mornings and afternoons exploring the Museums we spent some evenings near the Tower. Here are some of our photos near the Eiffel Tower where Teddy had a good time even dancing and entertaining the public. The weather was nice the whole week.

Teddy in Paris photo TeddyclosetoEiffelTower_zpsbbd1b1da.jpg Teddy in Paris photo TeddyEiffelTower_zpse6837291.jpg
Teddy in Paris photo TeddydancingEiffelTower_zps15af7751.jpg
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