.@TeddyOutReady: Teddy in Paris Day 2 Part I

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Teddy in Paris Day 2 Part I

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Our second day in Paris with a toddler was quite challenging, we decided to visit Notre Dame de Paris, The Conciergerie, the Sainte Chapelle and finally the Point Neuf, these famous attractions are located close to each other.

We started with Notre Dame de Paris, a beautiful church with such familiar look but this time we saw it real. Lots of tourists were around fascinated with the magnificent view. The front of Notre Dame was filled with visitors taking pictures; when we arrived, the line-up to enter the Cathedral was very long and stretched for a few blocks. Finally, the line-up turned out not to be a big problem as it moved fast, and during that time me and Teddy had a chance to look around and do some shopping (since lots of boutiques were just across the street)  while my husband was standing in line.

 photo NotreDamedeParisTop_zps2b850faf.jpg  photo NotreDamedeParisoutside_zps6d817287.jpg

It was a little dark inside the Notre Dame, but I am glad it was allowed to take some pictures there (with no flash mode). The Notre Dame Cathedral was quite big so we were able to use our stroller inside and have Teddy sitting and watching all the beauty around. We all found the Notre Dame so beautiful: these walls, sculptures and mosaics. Then we walked around outside, and I can say that outside views did not disappoint either.

 photo NotreDamedeParissculpture_zps57e9d037.jpg

We decided not to climb up the stairs of the Notre Dame,  it would be nice to see the bells and other interesting views but with our toddler and stroller that could have been such an undertaking plus slow moving line-up so we skipped that and headed to the Sainte Chapelle, our next attraction for that day.

 photo NotreDamedeParisMosaic1_zpsa62c7a5d.jpg


  1. Amazing! Paris is a place I long to visit and hopefully will get to one of these days. I have 5 kids and I have always been looking forward to the day they are all older so we can make a trip like this because I knew it would be super hard with them small. Enjoy it!

  2. I can imagine that would definitely be crazy with a toddler - but how wonderful to start exposing him to all that wonderfulness so early!

  3. ohhh everything looks beautiful! Never been maybe one day.