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Sunday, September 30, 2018

This Thanksgiving Bobby’s Liquidation Outlet to Give Away 200 Free Turkeys Along With Treasure Hunt Prizes & Crafts for Kids

Bobbys Outlet Thanksgiving

This time of the year when we are excited to celebrate the harvest and be thankful for what the year brought us, and Bobby’s Liquidation Outlet is expressing gratitude to its customers this Thanksgiving by giving away 200 free turkeys – 100 on both October 4 and 5 – to those who enter the Markham mega store on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors open both days at 10 a.m.

Other freebies being offered to shoppers include hundreds of men’s ties and disposable cameras to capture Thanksgiving memories.

With colder weather on the way, customers will also enjoy steeply slashed prices on winter wear, including $5 for scarves (regularly $20), $5 for leggings, $15 for Jack & Jones men’s jackets, $28.88 for men’s and women’s brand name wool coats, 40 percent off thermal long underwear tops and bottoms, socks and underwear. Truckloads of Target USA inventory will also be sold for up to 70 percent off.

Free Turkey

Located at 2900 Steeles Avenue East in The Shops on Steeles and 404 (Steeles Avenue at Highway 404), Bobby’s Liquidation Outlet rose from the ashes of a former 150,000 square-foot, two-storey Sears store last fall. It features merchandise in every category that Sears once sold, including brand name clothing, accessories, leather goods, jewelry, toys, bath, bedding, appliances, furniture, kitchenware and home decor items – all sold by former Sears suppliers and other leading manufacturers and importers directly to the public at deeply discounted prices.

“A one-year anniversary is the perfect time to show our appreciation to our customers for their support, and we look forward to sharing the joy of the season with the community,” said Ari Starr, President of Bobby’s Liquidation Outlet. “Ed Mirvish had a wonderful idea with his highly-anticipated annual Christmas turkey giveaway in downtown Toronto, and now that Honest Ed’s has closed its doors, we at Bobby’s want to help fill that gap – this time for Thanksgiving – and extend the tradition to benefit residents north of Toronto as well.”

Bobby’s Liquidation Outlet’s Thanksgiving event will run from October 4 through to Thanksgiving Day, October 8. Freebies will be distributed to shoppers while supplies last.

Activities for kids will take place from Saturday, October 6 through to Thanksgiving Day, Monday, October 8, including a free Turkey Treasure Hunt, where participating children of all ages will receive free prizes – from baseball caps, t-shirts and slipper socks, to luggage tags, charms and stickers. A craft area filled with free activities will also be offered all day-long.

For more information, visit Bobby’s Liquidation Outlet.
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Monday, September 10, 2018

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Eleventh Season on Blu-ray | Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.
The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has always been full of interesting twists. I think we watched all the seasons and still cannot wait for the next season to start. While characters grew professionally and personally, they still remain those science geeks we loved in the first season. Leonard and Sheldon are great physicists but when it comes to social life they face lots of challenges and not everything follows the rules of science.

I thought Sheldon would be mom's son forever, remember how he likes "Little Kitty" song when Penny was singing it to him. But so many things changed. One day Sheldon eventually proposed and decided to tie knots with Amy. Having a family is a science itself and finally, all friends finally get that. I think “The Bow Tie Asymmetry” opens doors to new opportunities as science gurus grow monstrously to serve science side by side, together.

Howard and Bernadette find that they are going to have another child and their life as parents absorbs them entirely. Having a family requires everyday learning, many small and big victories, continuous research and eventually lots of practice. The characters definitely learn a lot about relationship, family and social life.

Big Bang Theory

I like Penny's participation, how she organizes Sheldon's party and tries to consolidate all parties in the wedding story. When families come together there must be someone to introduce, communicate properly and involve in the whole process. The final ceremony was with some surprises and the series overall get a sweet Star Wars touch for happy life and marriage.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Eleventh Season ins coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD September 11, 2018. It is full of fancy jokes, you should check them out. They are mostly a combination of science, relationship goals and family advices.

The 2-disc Blu-Ray/DVD includes 24 half-hour episodes and offers subtitles in English, French and Spanish. The release also has great bonus features, Gag Reel and 2017 Conic-Con Panel.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Back To School with Melissa McCarthy & Life of The Party Movie | WarnerBros.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.

Like of the party

The Life of The Party follows the story of Deanna played by Melissa McCarthy. After sending her only daughter to the college and ready to go on dream vacation to Italy, her husband suddenly decides to leave her and marry another woman. Deanna was long-time housewife and spent last twenty years taking care of her family. Lost and devastated, without any idea what to do next, Deanna decides to go back to college where her daughter Maddie studies. Deanna always wanted to be an archaeologist, she left college without finishing it allowing her husband to get the degree, they just could not afford it with newborn baby. Since Deanna does not have any profession, she turns her regrets into opportunity to get so-much-wanted degree.

Maddie did not like much her mom's idea returning to the college and honestly, having your mom sitting and watching what you do at school might be uncomfortable. Though the age gap between regular students and Deanna probably obvious, this is what brings lots of funny situations. Lots of grown-ups go back to school after their forties and that's OK. Once a girl said she wasted years, money and got a degree, but when she went to the real job she cannot do anything. So, Deanna answered that she spent 20 years in a marriage that fell apart so just get over an move on. One of daughter's friends Helen was in coma for 8 years and Deanna finds something in common with that girl in what they experience when came back to college after a long period of time.

Melissa McCarthy Life of the party

Though the story starts on a sad note what happens the next in the movie is totally fun. College life is full of adventures, unexpected encounters, dates and endless parties. They drank, accidentally got high, hallucinated and crushed Deanna's ex-husband's wedding. Deanna is able not only find her place in college as a pretty good student but also joined various parties with her daughter and friends. One of themed parties the girls attended was 80th Party where everyone dressed up like in 80-ties with music and decorations, and Deanna totally rocked it with dance moves and great friends.

Even after you turned forty you still learn and grow, so did Deanna. But she still remains that kind and nice lady she was before the college. That's why her roommate totally supports Deanna inviting her cousin Christina Aguilera to the college to help her in fundraising efforts.

It is really fun movie to watch. Life of The Party is available on Blu-ray combo pack, DVD and Digital HD!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Travel Back - Young Sheldon: The Complete First Season Now Available on DVD | WarnerBros.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own. 

Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon series takes us back to the time when future eccentric physicist Sheldon Cooper lived in East Texas with his family. Growing up in a state where most boys are usually into sports is not easy for 9-year-old math and science prodigy. Sheldon skipped four years at school and joined high school to be in one class with his older brother George Jr. Sheldon's dad works as a football coach in the same high school and tries to deal with his son, whom most people, except science professors, call weirdo. Sheldon's mother Mary, may be not often understands her son but she does the best to help him in every situation. She is very patient, loving and protecting. Sheldon's twin sister, Missy, who does not like all the attention Sheldon gets but she is smart her own way and not as naive as her brother is. And finally, here’s Sheldon’s beloved Meemaw, his foul-mouthed, hard-drinking Texas grandmother who’s supportive of her grandson and his unique gifts.

Being smart is a gift and a curse at the same time. While Coopers family likes that Sheldon does their taxes every year with a sweet return, can work very well with football team's statistics, and help grandma Meemaw with her gambling hobby, the young boy's mind is more than just numbers games. Young Sheldon wants to help NASA to solve their problems, he is ready for somewhat big and extraordinary to create.

Young Sheldon Cooper often outsmarts his teachers at school and they hate that. Teachers and the principal were relieved when Coopers family was offered to send Sheldon to a special school for gifted children but Sheldon's dad George took him back home because the Coopers missed Sheldon terribly.

Not all the time Young Sheldon is pursuing his journey in science and math. He once fell in love with geology teaming up with his new friends. But that came to the end and young boy turned it into more like hobby not the main subject. Another time Sheldon decides to give up science after he did not get first place at High School Science Fair. He turns to drama and theatre and eventually gets the lead role in "Annie" musical. You should watch Cooper's family reaction when Sheldon says he plays Annie. And Sheldon refuses to pursue music career either saying that musicians take drugs. And that is not the option for the boy who is crazy about cleanliness, hates dust, germs and dirty places, afraid of dogs, cats and wild animals.

For science genius everything should be organized, predictable and according to the rules. Though real life shows that this can hardly be true and we like when naive Sheldon fights to make world better. He is sure that cheating during school exams is totally wrong, teachers and students should follow dress code rules and that "hell is other people".

Teddy did not watch The Big Bang Theory, but he likes Young Sheldon series, perhaps because the boy is his age. We laughed so hard and now Teddy can't wait for the second season.

Young Sheldon: The Complete First Season is available on DVD September 4, 2018. The release includes 2 disks with 22 remarkable episodes. The DVD also comes with subtitles in English, French and Spanish!
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Monday, September 3, 2018

LEGO's Unikitty Shines in New Unikitty: Sparkle Party Season 1, Part 1 DVD Release | Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own. 

Unikitty Sparkle Party DVD review

One of the favorite characters of The LEGO Movie Unikitty now has its own film to shine in. Recently Unikitty: Sparkle Party Season 1, Part 1 came out on DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and we are more than excited to follow the journey of Unikitty and her friends.

Unikitty is a princess and she wants to rid her kingdom from negativity with her best friends. While she may be full of boundless energy and creativity, Unikitty is a force to be reckoned with if anyone gets in the way of spreading her positive vibes, especially if anyone makes her little brother Puppycorn sad. Also living in the castle are Dr. Fox, the resident scientist, and Unikitty’s trusty bodyguard, Hawkodile. I like that Unikitty is always open to new challenges and ready to change for better if this help others in her kingdom. We also impressed with her royal approach in solving various problems, Unikitty does not hide behind her friends, she is always first to ask how to solve the problem, how to help citizens and how to lead her Unikingdom better.
Unikitty Sparkle Party

Unikitty is most interested in making sure everyone is happy, but don’t misunderstand her optimism - she is one kitty not to be crossed. Once Unikitty decides to keep the giant robot for various every day tasks. It leads to hurting her kingdom residents even though friends warned that it is not good. When city inhabitants run terrified by the huge monster, Unikitty comes to help but realizes that the huge robot monster destroying the city is she! I am glad Unikitty is smart enough to stop and help her kingdom get everything back to normal.

Unikitty Sparkle Party DVD

Unikitty and her friends make sure that every day is the happiest and most creative ever. I like the episode with the army of coins fulfilling everyone's dream. The wishes come true but at what price, the kingdom goes through tough experience when everything goes wrong. The more wishes are fulfilled the stronger villains become and Unikitty with her friends must find a way to fix that. It is not funny when your dreams become someone else's weapon.

Unikitty: Sparkle Party Season 1, Part 1 DVD includes 2 disks and offers 20 exciting episodes. They are jam- packed with spunk, sparkle and a ton of adventure! Also children will love vivid colors and animated characters in every episode. The DVD has subtitles in English and French!

Unikitty: Sparkle Party Season 1, Part 1 is now available on DVD and Digital, released August 28, 2018.

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