.@TeddyOutReady: October 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from Teddy!

 We wish you a Happy Halloween and very sweet one as it is scary already.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Teddy's Canyon Adventures

 How many Canyons in the world?  There are more then 300.

This summer Teddy had an opportunity to enjoy one of them – Charyn Canyon. Being the mystery creature of nature, this canyon left a lasting impression with its grand splendor and beauty. Charyn Canyon is about 12 million years old and surprised us with its vertical cliffs, reminding the ancient castles, created by wind, sun and rain.

 We had opportunity to walk through the maze of the Castles Valley, which is the most beautiful part of the canyon. All along the valley we were surrounded by towers of fantastical forms build of sedimentary.

 The length of the valley is more than two kilometers and we spent few hours walking in this fairy land, astonished by the inventiveness of nature. During the hike Teddy played with small rocks, tossing them here and there.

The weather in those days was very hot - around +40C and without wind in the canyon it could be unbearable to be there. We were lucky that the day we went there it was overcast and evening rain(only one day during whole July).

When we got Charyn River we had a picnic there and spent some time fishing. We caught and released few trout. On the way back Teddy was very exhausted so we carried him all way back to the car. Teddy was impressed with extraordinary scenery of an amazing natural miracle and loves to watch video of that trip from time to time. Which canyon will be next to explore?

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Teddy at ShesConnected 2012 - WW

Some highlights of Teddy's adventures at ShesConnected Conference. We took him on Friday to have some fun and meet new people. Looks like Teddy had a good time learning new things and making new friends.

With Play-Doh
Ford cars and skydiving are my favorites
Dancing with Pony

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fairyland - Wordless Wednesday

 On Monday we planned to visit Southbrook Farm with lots of kids activities and Thanksgiving treats. But when we arrived it was quite crowded and we did not want to stand in the line so decided to walk down and just enjoy the nice fall weather. To our surprise we stepped into the amazing fairyland with a beautiful river.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Teddy!

It is the best time to be with your family and friends and being thankful for everything we have.
We wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving!
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Teddy at the show I Heard a Story - Wordless Wednesday

Last week-end were lots of events to attend like Doors Open Vaughan and Culture Days 2012.
So on Sunday we decided to go to watch the show I Heard a Story at City Playhouse Theatre. A storyteller Thom Currie presented folktales from Russia, Italy and Canada using puppets, mime and lots of audience participation. Teddy was quiet at the beginning but to the end started even sing with Thom.

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