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Monday, December 14, 2020

PenSilly Fun Drawing and Guessing Game To Play With Family | Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Baking, trying new recipes, solving mysteries, crocheting and learning other new skills became a staple during lockdown time. Board games and solving puzzles also became extremely popular because they connect people without digital devices. We already spend a lot of our time in front of the screens and need different types of activities. For families, board games are also a good way to keep children off digital screens and have some fun time together. 

This year we played different games and recently we were introduced to a new one called PenSilly. It is a family board game for both kids and adults based on silly drawing and guessing party games. PenSilly is designed for children ages six and up and for two or more players. 

In order to play the game a player picks a Description Card and a Subject Card and draws a picture that represents these two words. Your teammates are trying to guess what you are drawing, and it is where the fun begins. It is hard and hilarious at the same time to draw and for other people to guess because PenSilly pen is shaking, wiggling and moving like crazy as you sketch out the clue. The Pen has two speed modes. So if you dare to try the second mode that will be more giggles and fun to guess what a player is drawing. The teammates must be quick because the sand timer is running out. The players have one minute to guess what is one the board. If a teammate gets even one clue right, the team gets the point(s) on that card. Each card has a point value written at the bottom, a minimum one point. 

From our experience I think it is easier to sketch out a Subject Card than a Description Card.

For example, it is easier to draw "Lion" than express the word "Late" via drawing.  The team with the most points for the right guesses will win the game. There are over 5,500 clue combinations so players have many opportunities to continue the game. 

The only problem was the whiteboard. Even though the set has two of them, one per team, every time we have to wipe them out with cleaning cloth for the next round. Kids usually do not want to wait and would like to continue playing the game without interruptions. We came out with an idea to save time and use two separate sketchbooks for the teams. That way we do not need to worry about cleaning the whiteboards. 

If you’re looking for an activity the whole family can enjoy, PenSilly game is a fun way to spend time together. It is available at Toys R Us and Walmart and makes a wonderful gift this holiday season!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Magic Bag Offering Warmth and Comfort for Both Kids and Adults 🐑🦉 | Holiday Gift Guide 2020 🎁

Considering how much stress we are experiencing this year, challenges can often add unwanted pressure. Our mental and physical health for both kids and adults is affected by problems at a certain level. While we cannot change the existing situation in the world, what we can do is to take care of our health and the loved ones by showing some compassion and support.

I would never have thought how much relief can bring a warm or a cold compress applied in the comfort of your home. Magic Bag is Canadian brand of hot and cold therapeutic packs sold at pharmacies and major retailers across Canada. I had a chance to try The Classic Magic Bag Neck-To-Back created to relax muscles and reduce pain. I like the ergonomic design of the pack which perfectly fits neck and shoulders. 
Neck-To-Back compress is easy to use, just warm it in the microwave and place it on your neck, everything else the Magic Back will do for you. All Magic Bag fabric is made of 100% cotton and hand-sewn in Canada. Even the bags are filled with organic Canadian grains that are safe to use on the skin. Magic Bag compresses are sourced and made from Canadian products, even the boxes they are placed in.

We do not go out much and spend most of the time in front of our screen due lockdown working from home and even after-work time. Our necks and shoulders receive so much tension that I start using my Magic Bag more often to relieve ache and pain.

Children also are experiencing a certain amount of stress these days, sometimes even more than adults. They watch grown-ups and feel the effects of the pandemic and uncertainty too. To help children calm down, make them feel loved and cared, Magic Bag designed a product line called Warmy. Warmy are  the little creatures, cute and fun, designed to provide comfort, and improved well-being for kids. Warmy compresses only outside look like adorable plush toys, but their super healing powers are hidden inside! These compresses can warm, calm pain and soothe. They are filled with hypoallergenic rice and are registered with Health Canada
Parents and kids can spend time together and create interesting stories with Warmy plush animals. There are  Ollie The Owl, Edgar The Elephant, Dax The Dinosaur, Renardo The Fox and other. Teddy's favorite Warmy animal is Alix The Lamb because it is soft and warm. Warmy compresses are best friends for kids who have problems with sleeping and anxiety.
Magic Bag products make a wonderful gift this holiday season. Who does not need a little bit more warmth and comfort to reduce stress? Take a look at the selection of Magic Bag products online and in stores. From Original Collection and Warmy Kids line to Spa and Sport Lines, there is something for everyone to treat yourself or loved ones this year!

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