.@TeddyOutReady: March 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream

This month during March break we attended Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream show brought to Rogers Center by Field Entertainment. So me, Teddy and my husband headed to Toronto downtown to see the performance on warm Friday evening.

Many kids in costumes come to Disney shows, and that day I saw lots of beautiful Cinderellas, Mermaids, Snow Whites and other famous girl characters among the audience and only one Peter Pan. I am still thinking what costume to wear for Teddy for the next show.

So Dare to Dream featured three stories introduced by Minnie, Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy. Teddy was very excited to see familiar characters. The first story started about Princess Tiana. We saw the story for the first time and liked a lot the costumes, dances and songs.


The second story was Cinderella, very familiar to Teddy. He received a book of classic Disney stories for Christmas, so he could fully understand what was going on the ice stage. I liked the Cinderella's coach design, the ball and guardians dance the most.

The last story was about Princess Rapunzel from Tangled. We did not have chance to see the movie and Teddy to that time lost his interest to not so familiar characters and preferred to listen to the music and just look around. Only last scene of floating lanterns caught his attention.

Overall the show was magnificent!!! Disney is such a magic and it all dedicated to kids to make them happy. These dances, songs, colors and music stay with us forever even if we are not kids any more.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Mirror Mirror" movie advance screening - Wordless Wednesday

What a surprise we got when came to the movies last week-end, the characters of MIRROR MIRROR  greeted us at Yorkdale SilverCity.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teddy at “Simply Creative” studio

Last week we visited a very cool place -  “Simply Creative” studio in Milton. Teddy and my husband joined me during Made by Hand Networking Night at “Simply Creative” as I attended the event to represent Did you know Canada? Blog.
Every one of us very often faces conundrum - What present to buy for a person you love and care about? We want it to be unique, useful and inexpensive at the same time. Now we know where to go. 

“Simply Creative” studio is a paint your own pottery studio.  They offer a vast variety of bisqueware, ready to be painted over. And you can use all your imagination to paint on a mug, a vase, a plate, a pot or other pottery of your choice.

You may think that it not save to eat or drink from that pot ware. They use commercial equipment for glazing and firing the pottery at the studio and the quality of it is better than you can find in our big stores.

Here is the process description:

Bisque is a ware which has been fired once and has no chemically bonded water left in the clay. Bisque is a true ceramic material, although the clay body has not reached the maturity yet .

Underglazes are used to paint a detailed decoration. Underglazes are any decoration that is applied, almost always in a fluid form, on the pottery surface before any glaze is applied.
Underglazes are used in pottery to create designs and patterns that will come up through the glaze covering them, which can give the surface more visual depth and character.

After painting, the pottery must be coated with a clear glaze and fired.

For Teddy however the most exiting was a shelf with bisque toys. There are so many of them including cars, planes, dinosaurs, all kinds of animals and famous characters children love so much. Teddy chose a racing car that we painted in red with black stripes, with lightning on both sides and TEDDY painted on a vanity plate.

This experience was quite new for Teddy and he was involved in the process most of the time. The studio is not so close to our home and we are not able to come there as often as we want. I hope that “Simply Creative” is going to expand to other GTA cities in the future so we could go there more often.  So many birthdays to celebrate!
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Teddy at the Outdoor Adventures Show

This show was our second Outdoor Adventures Show with Teddy. After visiting last year’s show we spent our summer vacation camping, living in cottages, fishing and hiking all around Ontario. This year it was quite exiting for Teddy to attend the event since he grew up and started understanding a lot more to take his curiosity to the next level.  

He was puzzled at Scuba World onsite Scuba Tank where scuba divers showed different tricks under the water. He did not understand how it worked yet, but this “magic” definitely impressed him a lot.

He loved the boats and climbed into almost every Canoe, Kayak and Rafting boat at the show.  Paddles and Oars were funny too and he played with them with more enthusiasm than he plays with his favourite toys.

How can we miss the exhibition with stuffed animals there? Teddy petted them and played with them. These animals were killed by cars and then restored and stuffed to remind us that we need to protect the wild nature from extinction. Please pay attention to the signs and drive slowly on rural roads.

We saw a lot of “super tents” there. Some of them were quite small and looked like a new generation of tents. Some of them had a size of the shed and looked like a small bedroom inside. Teddy liked small one, since it fitted his height perfectly and very cosy inside. He even sat down and relaxed for a while in one of them.

And of cause Teddy liked the bicycles at the fitness pavilion. He explored many of them, but unfortunately none of them was for a toddler. We got one small for him after the show and this spring he is going to learn how to ride a bike!  

This year’s Outdoor Adventures Show opened new exiting doors for Teddy and showed us new ways to bond with Mother Nature. We are looking forward to this year outdoor adventures, especially our summer vacation!
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It is getting warmer and warmer, where is my boat? - Wordless Wednesday

The warm weather hits Toronto, it is time to think about gardening, camping, fishing and other hot weather activities.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teddy's March Break Week of Activities 2012

Many family-friendly events and activities are happening during March Break, what does that mean for us, just more entertainment, fun, plays and shows. Here is our week highlights:

Monday, March 12 : Playground at the Community Centre
Tuesday,  March 13 : Tim Hortons March Break Free Swimming at the Community Centre
Wednesday, March 14 : My Gym first class in Spring season
Thursday, March 15 : Tim Hortons March Break Free Swimming at the Community Centre, then Simply Creative Studio pottery project in Milton
Friday,  March 16 : Disney on Ice show "Dare to Dream" at Toronto Rogers Centre
Saturday,  March 17 : St. Patrick Day celebration & advance screening of "Mirror Mirror" at Yorkdale SilverCity 

Sunday,  March 18 : Sugarbash Maple Syrup Festival at Kortright Centre for Conservation

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Teddy's Week-End Plan March 10 - 11

March Break starts this week-end, what can be better than that, fun, games and no school? Teddy completed Parent & Tot 2 swimming level & received his achievements card. He also continues art classes at 4Cats Art Studio learning art basics there. As for events this week - end we are going to watch the movie The Lorax in 3D.

Saturday, March 10
AM: Heading to 4Cats Art Studio for art class, continue painting the winter landscape on a canvas
PM:  Playground at North Thornhill Community Centre

Sunday, March 11
AM: Going to movies to watch The Lorax in 3D
PM: Playground at North Thornhill Community Centre
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Teddy's Birthday Celebration and other February Events 2012

Spring is already in Toronto, but we still have a feeling that winter holds our minds. February was a busy month, full of Fests like Vaughan WinterFest, Kids-Fest and other interesting events.

Our major February event was Teddy's Birthday, he turned two this month, a big boy. Two years passed so fast, I still remember my little boy I was holding at the hospital. And when people wanted to see my baby just for curiosity  I jealously tried not to show him saying that baby could wake of the noises. These two years were not the easiest ones but I think the happiest in my life.

So here are highlights of our Birthday Celebration:

The frist stop in our celebration was Chucke E. Cheeze's. Going there on work day in the afternoon was the right choice, it was not so crowded as usually, all games and rides were easily accessible. I like Chucke E. Cheeze's for their rides and games split by zones, like the Toddler Zone was the perfect area to play for Teddy.

Next stop was Montana's, as everyone was hungry and wanted a quiet atmosphere.

And the last stop was home where we finally took out our Birthday Cake (for Teddy treasure was the toys on the Cake not the Cake itself)

Another exciting February event or day I want to mention is Family Day. The day when families spend time together. Many venues invite people to enjoy this day (if you are lucky a day off) with them.  Shows, attractions and events welcome families around the city.
This year the weather was so nice on Family Day , so we cancelled all our indoor activities, and spent our day outside at the playground. Sun, snow and fun, that's what we wanted and found that day.

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