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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teddy at “Simply Creative” studio

Last week we visited a very cool place -  “Simply Creative” studio in Milton. Teddy and my husband joined me during Made by Hand Networking Night at “Simply Creative” as I attended the event to represent Did you know Canada? Blog.
Every one of us very often faces conundrum - What present to buy for a person you love and care about? We want it to be unique, useful and inexpensive at the same time. Now we know where to go. 

“Simply Creative” studio is a paint your own pottery studio.  They offer a vast variety of bisqueware, ready to be painted over. And you can use all your imagination to paint on a mug, a vase, a plate, a pot or other pottery of your choice.

You may think that it not save to eat or drink from that pot ware. They use commercial equipment for glazing and firing the pottery at the studio and the quality of it is better than you can find in our big stores.

Here is the process description:

Bisque is a ware which has been fired once and has no chemically bonded water left in the clay. Bisque is a true ceramic material, although the clay body has not reached the maturity yet .

Underglazes are used to paint a detailed decoration. Underglazes are any decoration that is applied, almost always in a fluid form, on the pottery surface before any glaze is applied.
Underglazes are used in pottery to create designs and patterns that will come up through the glaze covering them, which can give the surface more visual depth and character.

After painting, the pottery must be coated with a clear glaze and fired.

For Teddy however the most exiting was a shelf with bisque toys. There are so many of them including cars, planes, dinosaurs, all kinds of animals and famous characters children love so much. Teddy chose a racing car that we painted in red with black stripes, with lightning on both sides and TEDDY painted on a vanity plate.

This experience was quite new for Teddy and he was involved in the process most of the time. The studio is not so close to our home and we are not able to come there as often as we want. I hope that “Simply Creative” is going to expand to other GTA cities in the future so we could go there more often.  So many birthdays to celebrate!

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