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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Puentes Denver #PocketSquare - Great Way to Enhance The Look With Stylish Accessory

Puentes Denver pocket Square

Pocket Squares are a great way to compliment the look for men’s suits and jackets. It is a must have item in men’s wardrobe and allows easy to change the look.

We recently received nice Pocket Square set from Puentes Denver. This year we plan lots special events from family gatherings to music receptions, so the set is perfect for our men to add some creative touch to their look. The set consists of three white pocket squares with different trimming colors –white, grey and navy. The Pocket Squares are quality accessories made of 100% cotton so easy to wash and iron if needed. The size of Puentes Denver pocketsquares is standard to fit regular men’s suit - 10 In. x 10 In.

Puentes Denver pocketSquare

A pocketsquare is a good conversation starter and gives an opportunity to create different folds to match the look and the style. Teddy likes folding pocketsquares different ways for father and grandfather’s suits, but I think any way is perfect because it is just the way to express yourself via stylish accessory. It is good to match a pocketsquare to a tie or a bow to get the final fancy look. This accessory gives you endless opportunities to play with and you can get more pocketsquares vary in color, design and stitching. Man suit can look absolutely different with just one simple touch, a pocketsquare. Puentes Denver set arrived in a nice gift box. Their products make a unique and affordable gift for any special occasion.

Puentes Denver

For more information about fashionable pocketsquares,  neckwear, cuff links, lapels and other men’s accessories, please, check wide Puentes Denver collection. The company has a wide selection of products for every stylish man.

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Every Mom Needs a Re-treat From Time to Time #BadMoms

eOneFilms Bad Moms

Being a mom is not the easiest job ever. While talking about who is better mom or not, who does more than other and judging for every miss or hit in our family journey, let’s just take a break and simply relax for a while. We all have those Bad Moms moments when let our kids to watch cartoons on a tablet while have some own time or eat cereals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These days when women try to balance job, motherhood, kids, tasks and assignments, the demands of family members and society insisting you are so smart, you can do it all. Unfortunately, mothers put more and more responsibilities on themselves and try to be these perfect Pinterest moms with high salaries and a perfect look, hosting incredible backyard campout parties. If you think it is time to show that we already do our best for our family, then Bad Moms moving which is now playing in theatres is for you!

Bad Moms retreat

This July I was invited by eOneFilms to spend a day off with other moms influencers to watch the movie preview Bad Moms and discuss what is all about being a good or bad mom. Our retreat also included a visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Chateau des Charmes winery, a wine tour, a lunch on the open air patio from Vintage Hotels, pampering and wine (of course).

Bad Moms Chateau des Charmes

Though it was a one day retreat, I think it started weeks before when I told our folks that I was heading to Niagara-on-the-Lake to enjoy a day of luxuries. The thought that I am going there brought positive feelings and excitement even before the special day started. While I totally did not like Hangover movie, Bad Moms is absolutely different one and even with their some not so appropriate jokes, the movie is amazing and fun, mostly because it exactly reflects how overworked and fed up mothers feels. I liked when Mila Kunis’s character Amy says that we all have bad mom moments and fails in our life and it is just fine. The movie presents various female characters and all of them look like from the real life. Bad Moms is so funny that I laughed all movie long till tears thinking that my make-up is messed up, but that’s ok.

Bad Moms dessert

Then we discussed our bad moms moments after the movie screening at Chateau des Charmes. There we were treated with a massage, hair styling from Chatters Salons and delicious food and wine. It is nice to have a get away to realize that we all good bad moms at the end. We love our moments, fails and victories with potty training, school assignments, baking, schedules, laundry and grocery shopping, bed time routine and sleepless night, all those make us moms and fill our lives. After visiting Niagara-on-the-Lake and watching the movie we decided to meet more often. Moms need a re-treat once in a while but honestly speaking it does not have to be planned or expensive one. Even a movie night together would be perfect. Take your deserved break and come to see Bad Moms now playing in theatres.

My only suggestion is not to try to re-create what you see in the movie, even if we really want to, like splashing booze in a grocery store or speedy driving without bucking the belt. Have fun!

BadMoms movie Bad Moms pampering Bad Moms
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Crush-It!™ Adjustable High-Powered Baseball Bat by #TuckerToys

Crush-It bat

Baseball in Toronto continues to grow and becomes extremely popular inspiring young generation of kids to learn more about the game. Every journey starts with first steps and trials which every player needs to take, no matter if you are young or grown-up. Just for first timers Tucker Toys designed really cool toy Crush-It! The Adjustable High Powered Bat. So kids as young as 5 year old can learn how to play baseball.

This recreation bat with high-tension strings give children a new power and they can change it as their skills grow. Teddy never played baseball before mostly watched on TV, so this bat became first for him to learn about baseball, hits and misses. He learned how properly hold the bat, focus better on a target and evaluate the surroundings. For first timers it is very important to feel comfortable about the bat and know when the bat smashes a ball, get hand-eye co-ordination, which direction to move the bat to and evaluate the strength of a hit.

Tucker Toys

The toy comes with a soft ball, perfect for young players so they do not hit each other when throwing it and playing. The bat has adjustable power knob to set the bat tension, it is located on the top of the bat. Children can switch it back and forward to increase or decrease the tension. This feature helps children to regulate the power and the distance of a ball is going to fly. More tension - stronger the hit.

Adjustable High Powered Bat

The bat is pretty lightweight so even Teddy can carry it to fields and play with friends. That’s why we take the bat when visit relatives or friends. I found that Crush-It! The Adjustable High Powered Bat design and colors (navy & green strings) welcome children to play with it. It looks like a toy at first, but soon children learn that it can be used as a powerful game equipment.

The bat does not look like a regular bat, that’s the trick children get into. Kids like the fact that they can control how a ball flies and learn from it.

Available via Amazon.com and Mastermind Toys stores in Canada, this award-winning bat can be first step to introduce a kid to the world of baseball. So for a quick game or a field trip Crush-It! The Adjustable High Powered Bat brings cheers and fun.
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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Sixth Bollywood Monster Mashup Festival This Weekend in Mississauga

Bollywood Monster MashUp

This week-end find time in your busy schedule and join thrilling Bollywood Monster Mashup in Mississauga. Sixth year this festival brings the best to the audience of all ages: music, dancing, spectacular performances, games, activities, delicious food and cheerful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

This year's Bollywood Monster Mashup introduces special cultural fusion acts to the GTA residents. The festival takes over not one, but two stages at Mississauga Celebration Square on Saturday July 23rd for free, family-friendly fun. BMM is proud to announce Culture Shock Toronto and Bollywood Monster Orchestra: Symphony Nights, which will perform exclusive acts created specifically for the festival.

Culture Shock Toronto has trained rigorously for months and are excited to fuse multiple styles of Indian and North American dance at this year’s Bollywood Monster Mashup. Culture Shock Toronto combines Bollywood, Bharatanatyam, bhangra, waacking and hip hop. The dance troupe has been entertaining and enriching communities across Canada for 15 years.

Prepare to see an equally unthinkable cultural fusion act entitled Bollywood Monster Orchestra: Symphony Nights. This signature performance is a mashup of classical symphony musicians performing popular Bollywood tunes. This Canadian orchestra draws inspiration from all over the world and is renowned for combining Bollywood, classical, Western, jazz, Latin, and other genres. Bollywood Monster Orchestra: Symphony Nights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience created just for the festival.

Bollywood Monster MashUp Family Day

On July 23 the popular KidZone once again makes its annual appearance at the festival. The KidZone is where parents can bring their children to take part in free activities such as mini-car racing, kite-making, tennis, dance and fitness lessons, and more!

Mississauga Bollywood Monster MashUp

The festival culminates with a performance from international Bollywood star Aishwarya Nigam, brought to you by Crown Royal. Aishwarya is the voice behind Salman Khan in "Munni Badnaam Hui" in the hit film Dabangg, as well as the voice of Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam’s hit song "Lut Gaye Tere Mohalle."

Two more amazing performers will join Bollywood Monster Mashup this hot summer week-end in Mississauga: Sanchari Bose and Bishakh Jyoti. On Thursday we had a chance to meet all the performers at media reception and ask some questions about their music, inspiration, struggles and future plans.

Sanchari Bose in Canada

Sanchari Bose is absolutely sweet woman with a wonderful voice. She is looking forward to singing at Bollywood Monster Mashup and loves her audience. Being a voice competition winner, she advises other performers perusing their music career do not give up, be strong and decide what is best for them. Her future plans are continue singing and bring wonderful performances to her audience.

Bishakh Jyoti is talented director, performer, dancer and a creative artist. Looks like what he thinks about, touches and creates become favorite pieces. He has abilities to reflect drama, joy, conflict, love, despair and hope, pain and relief via music to touch the audience’s feelings.

Bollywood star Aishwarya Nigam has an amazing strong voice; we liked listening to him live during the reception. He promises to touch each in the audience with his music performance on July 23 at Bollywood Monster Mashup, and I am sure he will do.

Come out and join this amazing festival with activities for the whole family, Bollywood Monster Mashup is the event not to be missed.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Honda's Junior Red Riders Learn New Skills and Gain Confidence in Off-Road Bike Riding

Junior Red Riders Teddy

When we first watched Junior Red Riders videos, they were very impressive. Designed for kids aged 6 to 12, this program created by Honda Canada emphasizes safety and support from young age producing responsible motorcycle riders. Starting as early as 6 years old, children learn the fundamentals of off-road riding, feel confident about their skills and understand that all riders are parts of one big riding system and responsible for off-road safety, not only own but other riders and participants they meet while driving. Over the years, Honda has built numerous safety features and systems into their motorcycles and now they prepare new generation of responsible riders via Junior Red Riders program.

Junior Red Riders Bikes Junior Red Riders

Honda Indy which takes place in Toronto every year offers motorcycle riding for young children. You can watch and try how young kids under the guidance of the professional instructors teach about motor bikes, engine, speeds change, tricky turns and a safe start. There is also an opportunity to join one of Honda Junior Red Riders camps across Canada designed to teach children safety, off-road tricks and bring the confidence in riding two-wheel motorcycle.

Junior Red Riders Instructions Junior Red Riders Break Time

We had a chance to join Junior Red Riders on Toronto Honda Indy grounds just a day before the main action began. Teddy, who only two weeks ago started riding a two-wheel bike (having extra support before that), was pretty confident about his motor bike riding. He fell few times but was not discouraged to pursue his training. I think the most challenging for him were turns and realizing he is not on a bicycle driven by his legs but on a motorized vehicle. Teddy learned how to change speed sets and do it the right time. The driving outfit of kids can make adult drivers envious as it is designed to maximize child's safety from top to bottom with protection of knees and elbows along with extra chest support. Protective boots perfectly fit child's little feet and help with changing bike modes. A helmet for each child is chosen by instructors for head & neck safety and occasional drops.  

Honda Indy

Last Sunday Teddy with his father and grandfather joined Honda Indy. They were excited to watch races and check the cars they like. Teddy said that they looked like big toy cars as not every day he can see racing cars so close. At Honda Indy our family also visited various workshops to see how mechanics change and repair gear, tires and meet drivers. While Honda Indy is over with spectacular win of Canadian driver James Hinchcliffe, summer is on its peak and children still can learn about safe off-road riding with  Junior Red Riders.

Honda Indy Hockey

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You Are Invited to the Largest South Asian Festival in Canada - Bollywood Monster Mashup 2016 on July 22 & 23 in Mississauga

Summer is the perfect time for festivals and outdoor activities. The weather, kids out of school, sunny days and warm evenings, everything invites you to be outside and have fun. If you you are in the GTA this July, Canada’s largest South Asian festival, Bollywood Monster Mashup sponsored by TD, brings even more excitement and free fun activities to festival-goers and families for another year in a row. On July 23 the outstanding Bollywood Monster KidZone once again makes its annual appearance at the festival. The KidZone is where parents can bring their children to take part in free activities such as mini-car racing, kite-making, dance and fitness lessons, and more!

Bollywood Monster MashUp

In collaboration with PAMA (Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives) and Heritage Mississauga, the KidZone area presents a variety of free make-it-and-take-it arts and crafts activities. Children are invited to make crafty elephant masks, flyable kites, water colour paintings and windsocks, to name a few. There will also be a section for more adventurous children! Energetic children can make new friends while playing tennis-inspired relay games, sponsored by Mohawk Park Tennis Club. The speedsters of the bunch will be able to burn off any leftover energy by zooming around in a mini-car driving area, sponsored by Toronto Area Ford Dealers.

The family-fun continues with free games and activities that everyone can enjoy! Get your hips moving, feet jumping and body grooving with hula hoop action, bean bag coordination and free Bollywood dance lessons! If this doesn’t work up a sweat, the free Bollywood fitness class instructors will make sure you do.

Former Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion delightfully describes the Bollywood Monster Mashup as “family-friendly with spectacular entertainment and a huge audience.”

For the first time ever at Celebration Square, a second festival stage is planned to provide more entertainment during the day, and transforms into a remarkable social media stage at 8:00 PM. The social media stage allows festival-goers to meet and get their picture taken with Bollywood Monster Mashup artists. The festival provides a photographer for the social media stage and encourages guests to bring their own camera or phone for their own momento.

Festival-goers who post photos online using #BollywoodMonster are automatically entered into a contest to win a meet and greet with the voice of “Munni Badnaam Hui,” Bollywood star Aishwarya Nigam, brought to you by Crown Royal. Only thirty lucky contestants get the chance to meet the voice of Salman Khan at a secret location revealed after the Bollywood Monster Finale.

KidZone Bollywood_zpso4mg25n4.jpg

Come out to what’s sure to be the most talked about summer festival of the year! No matter age or background, there’s something for everyone at the Bollywood Monster Mashup. Take part in the food, festivities, arts, crafts, and of course family fun!

For our readers we are excited to giveaway 4 family passes to Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives, located at 9 Wellington St. E., Brampton, Ontario. Learn about history of Peel Region and join multiple family-friendly activities from art, storytelling to yoga and play time in PAMA.

Winners need to pick up the passes at Bollywood Monster Mashup, the giveaway ends July 19, 2016.

This giveaway is listed on ContestScoop.com, please visit for more great contests.

For more information, please, visit Bollywood Monster Mashup site, like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, Instagram and watch great coverage videos on YouTube.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beautiful Voices of Bollywood Aishwarya Nigam, Sanchari Bose & Bishakh Jyoti Perform First Time in Canada at Bollywood Monster Mashup

Bollywood MashUp

Three Bollywood stars performing at Bollywood Monster Mashup, the largest South Asian Festival in Canada taking place in Mississauga this July! The Festival presented by TD, with attendance over 40,000 people, this year features international Bollywood sensation Aishwarya Nigam, brought to you by Crown Royal, for his first ever performance in Canada. Aishwarya is the voice of Salman Khan in the hit song “Munni Badnaam Hui” from Bollywood movie Dabangg and the voice of Ranbir Kapoor in the hit song "Lut Gaye Tere Mohalle" from the film Besharam. He takes stage on Saturday July 23rd. Fellow superstars, Bishakh Jyoti and Sanchari Bose take the stage on Friday, July 22nd. Thousands upon thousands are anticipating a dazzling show at Mississauga Celebration Square for the sixth annual Bollywood Monster Mashup festival. This year festival brings more beautiful voices, music,dancing, great food, activities and festive mood for everyone. Hopefully nice weather will allow us to enjoy all the performances.

And now learn about the favorites who will be at 2016 Bollywood Monster Mashup in Mississauga:

Sanchari Bose

With Sanchari's natural affinity for crafting and painting, she did not expect to end up a Bollywood singing star. Her musically-inclined parents encouraged her to pursue her creative passions in other ways, and Sanchari soon learned that she was a naturally gifted singer. Positive energy and enthusiasm are driving forces behind Sanchari’s success in Bollywood; And she appreciates hard work and dedication are just as powerful in skyrocketing her career forward.

Sanchari Bose

Sanchari was a contestant on "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa" in 2005 and later Adnan Sami's Bol Baby Bol. Following this, she won "Amul Star Voice of India" in 2007 and won Agnee's Rockstar competition. As the date of her Toronto arrival draws near, she is looking forward to all the love that Canada has to offer - and hopes to get a picture in front of Niagara Falls!

Bishakh Jyoti

As a small child, Bishakh threw himself into music and was encouraged to follow his passion and develop his natural talent. The support from his family gave him the courage to audition for “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa", an Indian music reality TV show, where he won in 2007 and took second place in 2011. To add to his list of accomplishments, Jyoti was nominated for Best Music Director at the New York Film Festival and Florence Festival for the film 'Mrs.Scooter'. He was also nominated for a Mirchi Music award for Best Music Director for his compositions in Babloo Happy Hai.

Bishakh Jyoti

One of his favourite aspects of his career is traveling, and he is thankful that through the Bollywood industry, he’s been able to travel across the world and have incredible experiences in other cultures. The most important advice he’s gotten during his travels is “to sing from the heart,” and audiences lucky enough to catch Bishakh’s July 22nd performance will see that he truly does.

Aishwarya Nigam

Aishwarya is excited to headline Bollywood Monster Mashup for his first ever performance in Canada. “I want to transform, change or impact the lives of people through my music,” he enthuses. Aishwarya enjoys his incredibly close connection with his parents. His mother fostered his growth, sharing her love of hit Bollywood singer Mohammed Rafi with him. “She kept a photo of the legend in her prayer room,” he recalls .”He’s definitely influenced my music the most, and I owe that to my mother.”

Aishwarya Nigam

While his mother was his support beam, his father was his driving force. “He protected and guided me,” he asserts. “Whatever I am today is because of my family. To me, both my parents are the definition of true musicians.” And what is the international star looking forward to the most upon his arrival in Canada? “I heard Canada placed third for the cleanest air on the planet,” he says. ”I just want to come and feel the air, breathe it!” He’s also looking forward to trying the staple Canadian diet, consisting of all the maple syrup and poutine he can find.

In addition to Aishwarya Nigam’s much-anticipated performance is the Bollywood Monster Orchestra:Symphony Nights, featuring original Bollywood arrangements composed by Artistic Director Vikas Kohli. A 55 piece orchestra will perform Bollywood classics with a symphonic twist at the Bollywood Monster Finale on Saturday, July 23rd at Mississauga Celebration Square.

Bollywood Monster Orchestra

Hope to see you at Bollywood Monster Mashup on July 22nd and July 23rd!
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