.@TeddyOutReady: Honda's Junior Red Riders Learn New Skills and Gain Confidence in Off-Road Bike Riding

Monday, July 18, 2016

Honda's Junior Red Riders Learn New Skills and Gain Confidence in Off-Road Bike Riding

Junior Red Riders Teddy

When we first watched Junior Red Riders videos, they were very impressive. Designed for kids aged 6 to 12, this program created by Honda Canada emphasizes safety and support from young age producing responsible motorcycle riders. Starting as early as 6 years old, children learn the fundamentals of off-road riding, feel confident about their skills and understand that all riders are parts of one big riding system and responsible for off-road safety, not only own but other riders and participants they meet while driving. Over the years, Honda has built numerous safety features and systems into their motorcycles and now they prepare new generation of responsible riders via Junior Red Riders program.

Junior Red Riders Bikes Junior Red Riders

Honda Indy which takes place in Toronto every year offers motorcycle riding for young children. You can watch and try how young kids under the guidance of the professional instructors teach about motor bikes, engine, speeds change, tricky turns and a safe start. There is also an opportunity to join one of Honda Junior Red Riders camps across Canada designed to teach children safety, off-road tricks and bring the confidence in riding two-wheel motorcycle.

Junior Red Riders Instructions Junior Red Riders Break Time

We had a chance to join Junior Red Riders on Toronto Honda Indy grounds just a day before the main action began. Teddy, who only two weeks ago started riding a two-wheel bike (having extra support before that), was pretty confident about his motor bike riding. He fell few times but was not discouraged to pursue his training. I think the most challenging for him were turns and realizing he is not on a bicycle driven by his legs but on a motorized vehicle. Teddy learned how to change speed sets and do it the right time. The driving outfit of kids can make adult drivers envious as it is designed to maximize child's safety from top to bottom with protection of knees and elbows along with extra chest support. Protective boots perfectly fit child's little feet and help with changing bike modes. A helmet for each child is chosen by instructors for head & neck safety and occasional drops.  

Honda Indy

Last Sunday Teddy with his father and grandfather joined Honda Indy. They were excited to watch races and check the cars they like. Teddy said that they looked like big toy cars as not every day he can see racing cars so close. At Honda Indy our family also visited various workshops to see how mechanics change and repair gear, tires and meet drivers. While Honda Indy is over with spectacular win of Canadian driver James Hinchcliffe, summer is on its peak and children still can learn about safe off-road riding with  Junior Red Riders.

Honda Indy Hockey


  1. What an awesome experience! My brother grew up on dirt bikes and 4-wheelers, and has passed that love on to my nephew. In the city though it is hard! Not as many trails to take off and learn on. This is a great way for kids to learn to safely ride! Love it! My son would be thrilled to do this!

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