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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Puentes Denver #PocketSquare - Great Way to Enhance The Look With Stylish Accessory

Puentes Denver pocket Square

Pocket Squares are a great way to compliment the look for men’s suits and jackets. It is a must have item in men’s wardrobe and allows easy to change the look.

We recently received nice Pocket Square set from Puentes Denver. This year we plan lots special events from family gatherings to music receptions, so the set is perfect for our men to add some creative touch to their look. The set consists of three white pocket squares with different trimming colors –white, grey and navy. The Pocket Squares are quality accessories made of 100% cotton so easy to wash and iron if needed. The size of Puentes Denver pocketsquares is standard to fit regular men’s suit - 10 In. x 10 In.

Puentes Denver pocketSquare

A pocketsquare is a good conversation starter and gives an opportunity to create different folds to match the look and the style. Teddy likes folding pocketsquares different ways for father and grandfather’s suits, but I think any way is perfect because it is just the way to express yourself via stylish accessory. It is good to match a pocketsquare to a tie or a bow to get the final fancy look. This accessory gives you endless opportunities to play with and you can get more pocketsquares vary in color, design and stitching. Man suit can look absolutely different with just one simple touch, a pocketsquare. Puentes Denver set arrived in a nice gift box. Their products make a unique and affordable gift for any special occasion.

Puentes Denver

For more information about fashionable pocketsquares,  neckwear, cuff links, lapels and other men’s accessories, please, check wide Puentes Denver collection. The company has a wide selection of products for every stylish man.

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