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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wordsearch! Fun Group Word Puzzle Board Game | Goliath Games

Goliath Games Wordsearch!

Two years ago we visited our nephew in Montreal. He is older than Teddy and has various board games. Kids played a lot during our visit and since that time Teddy is a huge fan of board games. They provide great opportunity to learn something new, have fun together with family & friends and reduce the time kids spend online.

One of the games which teaches kids spelling and new words, plus focus and speed is Wordsearch! Based on classical wordsearch puzzle, Wordsearch! from Goliath Games comes as a specially-designed circular board with four compartments to keep game tiles. Designed for kids ages 7 and up the game is great for from 2 to 4 players. Each player chooses one color see-through tiles to play.

Wordsearch game

There are 8 Double-sided Game Cards split by themes like Kitchen or Animals. Players put one of the cards on the board and reveal the word in a slot by turning the rim. Everyone plays at once, the first who locate the word has to shout Wordsearch and then mark the found word with his tiles. It is allowed to remove tiles played by competitors. The words need to be searched in any direction: vertical, horizontal, right to left, diagonal or left to right. The player with the most tiles on the board at the end wins.

This is quite tricky game to play, especially when more tiles cover the board and you need to focus to find the right sequence of letters. Plus there are some unknown words, like Teddy did not know names of some kitchen utensils, so find something unfamiliar is a challenge itself. We had times when we could not find a word for a prolonged period of time and almost were ready to give up.

Goliath Games WordSearch

Since there are only 16 cards to play, when all become easy to figure out you can print new ones using Wordsearch Puzzle generator at http://www.wordsearch.eu. It offers themed puzzles like countries or favorite sports or you can add own words to add to the puzzle.

Available on Amazon, Walmart and at other major toy retailers across North America, Wordsearch! puzzle game brings unforgettable experience and create hours of fun for the whole family!

WordSearch Board Game

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Daphne & Velma - Best Friends Face Mystery For The First Time | Warner Bros.

“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray/DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.” 
Daphne And Velma

Recent Warner Bros. Home Entertainment release of "Daphne and Velma"  takes us to the time when famous female duo started their first adventures. Solving mysteries became their fate. We go back when Daphne and Velma started their first day at Ridge Valley High. This high school is more like an innovative center of learning where robots, tech and education tools are designed to the highest standards, and only the brightest minds of the country can be enrolled at this school. Daphne Blake, bright and brilliant student, can't wait to join the school with her best friend analytical and practical Velma Dinkley.

We follow children who are heading to school for new school year. Daphne is excited like no one else for the first day but as for Velma, you should watch her fearless epic walk to the school and first encounters with students and the staff.

The school is amazing with latest advancements and every student's score, grades and achievements are reflected in real mode. There are big screens, unique gadgets and endless opportunities there. But not everything is as perfect as it seems when mysterious disappearances of the top-performing students become quite suspicious. Once smart and brilliant, children come back to school absolutely different and cannot handle simple everyday tasks.


It looks like intriguing and scary mystery to solve, so Daphne and Velma take the challenge to find what is going on, first trying to reach the top in the school performance list. Soon they find out that the disappearances are somehow connected to the school sponsor. During their investigation journey girls make new friends, deal with over-protective parents, break rules, wear shame stickers, work in the school cafeteria and do many other things to solve the mystery.

As Daphne and Velma's search continues, they come to the point that someone hunts not only for best students' minds, but for the brilliant ideas of grown-ups too. But who is that mysterious person or organization? 

I had an impression that it is only Daphne and Velma want to know what happens with the top students while other just want to improve their performance. While I like both female characters from Mystery Inc, Velma impressed me the most in this movie. I think, from how Velma looks and her behavior, she is very close to her cartoon character. She is funny, true to herself, fights robots and really smart.

Daphne and Velma movie is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital!
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Monday, May 21, 2018

Just Like Mom and Dad Now Casting For New Episodes | #JustLikeMomAndDad

Just like Mom

Just Like Mom and Dad, the hilarious and fun-filled game show that celebrates and rewards families for how well they know each other, is now casting for brand new episodes to air Fall 2018! Each episode of Just Like Mom and Dad features three teams of parent-kid pairs, all trying to accumulate the most points after three rounds of family fun.

New episodes will feature more amusing questions and questionable baking, older kids between 8 and 15, more spectacular prizes and even crazier Bake Off recipes.

Casting Call

Marblemedia is currently seeking fun, energetic families to compete on the new episodes, and interested parent-kid pairs can visit Just Like Mom and Dad to apply. If you have children between the ages of 8 and 15, we are glad to share that you can apply to compete on Just Like Mom and Dad. Only residents of Canada and the United States of America are eligible to participate in the show.

To apply to be on the show, please fill out the application and upload a video, photo or both here. We decided to apply and created a short video, what Teddy and me love doing together, other way what Teddy does just like his mom.

To check out some episodes of Just Like Mom and Dad, please visit http://www.yestv.com/shows/just-like-mom-and-dad/

Just Like Mom and Dad celebrates modern, diverse families and proves how much fun families can have together! With new twists and surprise questions, Just Like Mom and Dad will be your new family-time favourite.
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Friday, May 18, 2018

Let’s Get Ready to Slumber, Massive Monster Mayhem Slumber Party on Family Channel May 26

Massive Monster Mayhem

Massive Monster Mayhem is the ultimate action-packed game show for kids 6–11 that combines live action and CGI animation with real competition and comedy. Each episode features three real-life kid heroes competing in a gauntlet of Intergalactic Battle Alliance challenges to become Earth’s champion and face off against Master Mayhem’s league of monsters in the ultimate “Monster Mashdown.” The unique series combines cutting-edge, real-time CGI and pre-visualization technology.

Contestants are eliminated through a series of three rounds, which culminate when the last player standing faces off against one of overlord Master Mayhem’s monsters to save the planet. Each action-packed episode features two hosts who provide fun commentary during game play and non-stop jokes from Master Mayhem and his monsters.

The show has risen to the top of the Saturday Morning charts on Family Channel. Fans can’t get enough of this brand new genre of kids’ entertainment!

Why are kids so excited? We think it has something to do with the MASSIVE monsters, real kid superheroes, EPIC battles, state-of-the-art technology and COMPLETE AND UTTER MAYHEM!

Following the show’s successful launch, Family Channel is premiering two special episodes of Massive Monster Mayhem, the first on Saturday, May 26th at 9 a.m. ET/PT called “Let’s Get Ready to Slumber.”

Massive Monster Mayhem Party

In celebration of this WORLD PREMIERE, take a look at the Massive Monster Mayhem Slumber Party Card giving tips on how to host the most epic sleepover! Also cheer with your favorite monster, the Macho Cheese vs RoBro scorecard is here to help when watching new episodes!

Master Mayhem


  • Step 1: Print off the 'Who's More Awesome?' score card, featuring RoBro and Macho Cheese
  • Step 2: Check out the world premiere of “Let’s Get Ready to Slumber" on Saturday at 9AM et/pt 
  • Step 3: Vote for your fave – Give RoBro or Macho Cheese a point each time they do something epic! 
  • Step 4: Snap a pick and share their final scores with @FamilyChannel and @MassiveMonsterMayhem online using the hashtag #StompedIt
MMM pillow
And that's not all, we are also excited to be a part of Massive Monster Mayhem Slumber Party and  give away some “Macho Cheese Pillows” to our Canadian readers! One pillow per winner. For your chance simply fill the Rafflecopter Form below and do not forget to join Family Channel on May 26 for more fun!

The giveaway ends June 1st, 2018

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mastermind for Kids Game Codemaker Vs. Codebreaker | Goliath Games

Mastermind for Kids

New release of one of our favorite family games Mastermind was a special treat. New to us version called Mastermind for Kids is a great strategy game and teaches kids logic and deduction. It comes in Jungle Animals theme, so all pegs are animals in 6 colors.

There are two players in Mastermind for Kids game. One is Codemaker, who picks 3 pegs and hides them behind the Rocky Mountain. The second player is Codebreaker who has to guess the hidden animal code combination. The main object of the game is to guess the other player's secret code in the smallest number of turns.

Goliath Games Mastermind for Kids

The game has three levels of play, For Younger Players, For Older Players and For Expert Players, so kids can learn and grow with the game. For the first level, For Younger Players, the challenge is to guess the colors of animals in the secret code. Older Players level is a little bit harder, the Codebreaker has to find the color and the position of each of the animals.

While on Older Players and Younger Players levels, gamers can use only one color at a time when setting code, Expert Players level allows to use one color more than once or even leave blanks in the code combination!

Mastermind for kids game

It seems quite easy to guess the colors and the position of the code until you start playing real game. Every turn Codebreaker needs to have a strategy for the next step. If the first turn is pure guess, next steps should be more strategic and require logic and analytical thinking. Teddy likes playing the game and says that Expert Level is very challenging, because the code can contain blanks and more than one color to guess.

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, Mastermind for Kids can be played by kids and adults. You can play at home or take it outside to the park or playground, only do not lose animal pegs. It is fun game to play!

Mastermind for Kids is available on Amazon, ToysRUs, Walmart and other major retailers selling toys across North America.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Show Dogs Movie - New Family Hit Coming to The Big Screen Giveaway | eOneFilms

Show Dogs

A hilarious children’s film, SHOW DOGS, is about to hit the big screen in theaters near you! It is so amazing that will have you rolling on the floor barking! The film is out on May 18th and will be the family hit of the spring that the entire family will really fetch!

SHOW DOGS stars a charming and lovable cast of talking canine characters, including our hero Max (voiced by Chris “Ludacris” Bridges), a rugged Rottweiler NYPD police dog who plays by his own rules. Max and his human FBI partner (Will Arnett) are investigating the kidnapping of a baby panda by an underground network of illegal animal traders when they get a tip that the crime ring is planning to sell the panda at the prestigious Canini Invitational Dog Show.

Show Dogs Movie

The uber-macho Max must undergo a makeover, with the help of a seasoned trainer (Natasha Lyonne), to go undercover and thwart the evil plot. In the hands of his new human handler Frank, Max gets in touch with his inner show dog, and learns that trusting the help of others can sometimes be more rewarding than working alone..

Watch as these two alpha dogs find themselves strangers in a land of doggie pedicures and Botox, diamond-encrusted collars and gold plated fire hydrants.

The film is a hilarious throwback to the human-canine buddy comedies of years gone by and is hilarious start to finish.

To celebrate the release we are excited to partner with eOneFilms Entertainment and give away some Run-of-Engagement (ROE) Passes as well as some SHOW DOGS swag.

The contest is open to Canadian residents only and ends May 22, 2018. Run-of-Engagement passes are valid beginning May 21st and can be used at any Cineplex location playing the film Monday – Thursday.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Personalized Cart - Gifts For Any Special Occasion

Personalized Cart

Personalized gift is a great way to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other special occasion. With upcoming Mother's Day, Father's Day, lots of birthday celebration in our family and end of school year, we are looking for unique gifts for family, teachers, instructors, friends and everyone who support us this year.

Personalized Cart offers a huge range of special occasion gift ideas. They make a special occasion even more extraordinary and add a unique touch to each product. With the abundance of gifts companies on the market I liked that gifts from Personalized Cart are practical and affordable at the same time. Their products split by categories to help you find exactly what you're looking for. It is easy to choose from Wedding , Gifts for Women, Men and Babies, Grandparents, Colleagues, Holiday gifts or Product categories.

From the wide selection of Personalized Cart products we decided to get Welcome Door Mat. It is made of coir and the message is written with permanent acrylic paint. We like the wording on the mat  - it is welcoming and humorous! The company can make unique mat for customers. You just need to provide the words when ordering it. Make sure it is not too long.

I know that we got just a nice Welcome Door Mat, but it made such a difference to our home. One essential piece added to the front door makes home look cozy and friendly, easily creates a warm welcome. It is funny to watch how friends, kids and even shipping men stop just to read a message written on a mat and then see a smile on their faces. Plus Door Mat is practical, it helps easily scrub or wipe the soles of shoes and boots before entering home. Overall we like the quality of our door mat. It is sturdy and does a great job by keeping our floor clean.

Personalized Cart gifts

If you want to help someone celebrate a special occasion then Personalized Cart gifts is a great way to show that you care. Browse through the array of unique personalized gift ideas!

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Rocket Fishing Rod for Outdoor Fishing Adventures with Kids | Goliath Games

Goliath Games Rocket Fishing Rod

We often go fishing with our grandfather and already visited lots of fishing spots across Ontario. Fishing requires lots of patience and to keep young kids busy we have to get something to entertain them for a long time.

We bought Teddy a fishing rod to try but he likes to use it when fish takes the bait all the time. So we found another type of rods our child definitely will be excited about. It is Rocket Fishing Rod. Created for children ages 8 and up, it can teach them how to fish and make it fun too. Though it looks like a toy, Rocket Fishing Rod is designed to catch real fish. It accurately casts its line up to 30 feet and has all necessary accessories to fish from hooks to lines, safety button and a special bobber. The hardest part for Teddy was to cast the rod's line. Often he could not do it properly. With Rocket Fishing Rod this problem is solved, it is cannon-like shooting brings more fun to our fishing adventures. The only thing kids should make sure they shoot towards the water, not people, pets or wild animals.

Fishing Rod

Rocket Fishing Rod includes the safety bobber and hooks in the set. After you place bait on the hook, you need to put it inside the safety bobber and close it to conceal the hook. That way kids have less chances to hurt themselves and others when throwing the line into the water, because the hook is inside the safety bobber. The bobber opens and releases the bait automatically upon hitting the water. Regular fishing rods are hard to cast but with Rocket Fishing Rods it is easy to do. Just slide forward the red handle on the barrel of the rod and then pull back, it puts the safety bobble into the position ready to shoot. To launch the bobber just pull the trigger and shoot.

Rocket Fishing Rod

While Rocket Fishing Rod is easy to use, Teddy had some difficulties to adjust the line and reel in. When the line is long, it becomes like spider's web and hard to deal with. Otherwise, the Rod is fun to use. Our grandfather does not like it much saying it is not for serious anglers, but Teddy has a good time playing and shooting with it. He learns how to use hooks and reel in.

It is so much fun and may be our experienced angers will change their mind when Teddy will catch a big fish using his Rocket Fishing Rod. We are looking forward to our fishing adventures!

Rocket Fishing Rod is available on Amazon, Walmart, ToysRUs and other major retailers across in US and Canada. And remember, it must be used only with adult supervision.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Trees and Shrubs Planting with TreeTime.CA for Your Landscape & Gardening Needs


Trees make our world beautiful and provide us with many benefits. They clean the air, protect against wind, provide shade, shelter and food for birds, animals and people. The importance of trees is significant. Our environment depends on trees and their presence make strong impact on every live creatures living on the planet.

Tree planting is great thing to do especially with kids. It is great opportunity to fell in love with nature. There’s really never been a better time to teach kids that they can help make the world a better place. If children are going to make a lifelong commitment to protect the environment, they can start exploring the wonders of nature by planting.

They learn how plants and trees grow, how from little seeds can grow a huge plants and trees.

Teddy gardener

The time for planting varies but, in general, the best time is in spring or in fall. Since we have very long winter in Canada, May and June are the most appropriate months to start planting and choose which trees and plants you need. Teddy planted last year flowers to attract the bees and this year we had an opportunity to plant shrubs for our garden. We always wanted to have berry trees and shrubs, even knowing it can be challenging because raccoons and other animals around would love them too. So we decided to plant blackcurrant and raspberry from TreeTime.ca. We also received Northline Saskatoon and Valiant Grape shrubs. When our box arrived it was nicely packed, each shrub was wrapped and had a tag. I had berry garden when I was younger and my family still have one.

Black Current

TreeTime.ca is Canadian Top Seedling retailer located Edmonton, Alberta. The company provides 1 and 2 year old hardy tree and shrub seedlings to clients in USA and Canada. The company is the 2nd largest woody plant propagator in Canada and they produce over 60 million trees a year. Tree Time.ca offers a significantly lower cost than a garden center with a very similar product. The company is a reforestation nursery that ships trees from a frozen warehouse to create "spring" for the plants when they arrive at their location. Tree Time.ca provides lots of native species for reclamation and naturalization programs, as well as shelter-belts and windbreaks. They also produce lots of fruit and berry trees.

When I first browsed through TreeTime.ca varieties, I was impressed with wide selection of trees and shrubs. My first thought was that this is for serious clients who need to buy in bulk. But in reality TreeTime.ca works great with big and small orders equally. Though they have significant experience in growing and selling trees and shrubs to forestry, farms and garden centers, they also work with everyone who needs trees for landscape and educational purposes.

Black Current

We had really hard time to choose what we want because we wanted so many trees to buy, yes we want that Boule-de-neige tree, it has lovely white flowers and that maple, it has colorful leaves in fall and cherry berry is delicious to eat and Purple Lilac with lovely bloom.

Want to a have a nice tree behind your window or enhance the landscape by adding a couple of trees, then TreeTime.ca is the best place to start. You can always rely on TreeTime.ca expertise regarding trees, planting, gardening and landscape. Ask questions in case you need planting advice 1-866-873-3846.
Blackcurrent TreeTimeCA Blackcurrent

TreeTime.ca is open from November to June, choose your plants, trees and shrubs and purchase your selection on-line or via phone.

Northline Saskatoon

We received our shrubs very fast, in few days after the order was placed. The prices were really good and now there are really good discount on select products. The company claims to offer the best prices in Canada on trees and shrubs. It is gardening season, we have waited so long for it. Now we are looking forward to see how our shrubs grow and hope to impress family, friends and neighbors with our sweet berries!


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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Screechers Wild! Toys for Crazy Fun Transforming Games

Teddy Screechers Wild!

Kids get lots of toys nowadays and every time they want to get more challenging and sophisticated ones to play with various features and attachments.

Teddy has lots of toys to play and it is hard to impress him with something unusual. But our little man was really fascinated with new Screechers Wild! toys. Based on of the new online animated show, these are the only toy vehicles that transforms into insect creatures with explosive, 360-degree flip morphing action!


Screechers Wild! series is a world where walking, talking beasts get behind the wheel of Screechers – a race car/machine hybrid that harnesses the mysterious molecular energy and transforms their sleek rides into awesome beast-powered forces! Designed for children ages 6 and up, these Screechers like came down from the screen and ready for adventures!

Screechers toys

At first glance Screechers Wild! toys look like regular vehicles but just make them meet with special disks - then the story begins. The car is activated by a disk and transforms into a critter. The most fascinating is the flipping action which works like a magic. To return the creature to a vehicle condition you need just to remove the disk and fold the pieces back into the place including bottom lever.

Screechers are presented as cars, trucks and SUVs and are divided into three unique categories Level 1, Level 2 and Level3, overall over 15 vehicles and more to come. We started thinking what fancy creatures Ice Resurfacer and other unique vehicles can transform into.

Screechers Wild

Besides a wide selection of vehicles, there is a great choice of disks coming with every toy. These disks work for every car and have different patterns and colors. We already found our favorites.

Teddy had a chance to play with Nightweaver (Level 1) and V-Bone vehicle (Level 2), and likes the most V-Bone. It transforms into very cool creature and has one extra special attachment.

If you are ready for more fun then you should take a look at RapidFire Disc Blaster. It works as a disc distributor and throws disks. This was really fun to play. We loaded all disks we got and were shooting to activate our vehicles.

For more fun you can always check Screechers Wild! episodes on YouTube. Besides new on-line stories, more toys are coming soon and we can't wait to check them out!

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