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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Belly Banter stickers review

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Recently I received Belly Banter boy sticker set for review. Belly Banter is a funny, easy and stylish way to announce baby’s milestones, monthly birthdays, pregnancy stages and make some funny statements; great for photos, photo cards and scrap booking. The motto of using is easy: Peel, Apply and Capture. Each set has 15 4” inch stickers.

We had an interesting turn around when I showed my Belly Banter sticker set to our family members, their reaction was more like “Oh, another stickers, there are tons of them around”. Everything changed when I started using them for my boy photo shots, I chose clothes which were close by color and a theme to the sticker’s message and we made some great pictures. Then I showed the photos to my family and friends, this time they were saying “WOW, this looks really awesome!” or “Where did you get that T-shirt?”

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I like how Belly Banter stickers help to announce baby’s monthly birthdays, it is not only a capture of important moments of your life but also lots of fun for a mommy, a baby and the whole family. I think the round shape of stickers and applying them on a belly bump make them naturally attractive, we had so much fun with Teddy, and it was like playing a game.

Kids are growing fast, and as a parent I want to capture every moment of my kid’s life, all these precious moments we enjoy together from birth to first food, seasons and holidays. Thank you, Belly Banter, for making it so real and we are looking forward to new creative sets.

Amazing news:  Belly Banter was announced as one of the latest and fabulous PTPA Winners. Congratulations!

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