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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Cleaning Chores – Useful Tips from Insurance Hunter

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Spring Cleaning Tips Insurance Hunter

Spring started showing its awakening signs even with some snow and freezing rain.  Being out for March Break and travelling during Easter time left us a little time for spring cleaning, but now we are ready start our spring chores, pack our heavy winter clothes, boots, clean my boy’s closet of outgrown stuff (found pants for 6 month baby though my boy is already 3 years old) and bring some brightness to our everyday living by washing the windows.  There are so many things need to be done in spring.

Recently, Insurance Hunter introduced an interesting article Tips for getting your spring cleaning chores organized, it has useful tips and thanks to the first one about creating a “to-do” list of the chores that need to be completed, I was able to start my Spring Cleaning Project. Then in my "to-do" list I split my cleaning routine by category, what has to be done indoor: by room:a kitchen, a bathroom,a living room and outdoor: a front porch,a backyard and a garden.  The effectiveness of “to-do” list comes from having listed all the things that need to be done even the easiest ones.  Isn’t it amazing to see your checklist and track your progress as tasks finished one after another?

One of my favorite tips from the list is to create a timeline and assign a number of dates when you plan to complete each tasks.  Setting a deadline makes you focus on the most important tasks first.  I set up to finish my indoor chores first by the end of April so that we will be able to spend more on our back yard, garden and front.

And do not forget to reward yourself as well as members of your family who helped you in spring cleaning. It could be a movie night together or a getaway.

Please take a look at Insurance Hunter post for more spring cleaning tips, check out their auto insurance quotes and much more.  Let us know how is your spring cleaning going? Have you started it already or almost done?

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  1. We're moving in a couple of months. I've started my spring cleaning in hopes that it will make moving easier. I also have a cleaning & decluttering list for each room.