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Monday, April 13, 2015

BLOCKIT RFID Blocking Sleeve #myblockit

Keeping your credit and bank cards safe from potential identity thieves can be done with BLOCKIT RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeve. These special sleeves are designed to prevent thieves from being able to remotely scan the digital information stored on credit and bank cards. New RFID technology embedded in all credit cards makes it possible to get financial and personal information easier and faster all for consumers’ convenience, even from a distance. Criminals can steal personal information, account number, expiration date on your card or ID without even touching your card using cell phones and easily accessible digital readers.

BLOCKIT RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeve

New special card sleeves not only fashionable accessory which seems at first glance. BLOCKIT RFID Blocking Card Sleeve offers 3-layer protection including aluminum interior to block 13.56MHz signals and copper middle layer to blocks 125kHz signals. These powerful and stylish accessories siting in your bag or wallet not add personal touch but also protects your valuable cards against being stolen remotely.

As our bank security adviser said, thieves never sleep and always invent new ways to steal the personal information. At our digital age, any safety measures should be put into consideration. Plus with a variety of designs constantly growing every customer can find something to their tastes and style and protecting private information at the same time.

I like the BLOCKIT RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeve I received; now I want to get another one to fit my purse color and another one my new spring dress and so on…

For more information please visit company web site or check it on Amazon.

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