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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Importance of a Healthy Gut and Strong Immune System #BioGaiaProbiotics

Children start building their immune system at about 2-3 month age. Baby's immune system starts to develop when it comes in contact with bacteria and viruses. We know how important is to have healthy gut for little babies. Upset stomach, colic and diarrhea are just a few gut related issues everyone experiences during lifetime. Abdominal pain, flatulence and constipation affect up to five million Canadians. The foods we consume significantly affect and define our gut health. With astonishing number of 75 million people in North American suffering from upset stomachs we want to see our children growing healthy and strong.

Bryce Wylde BioGaia

Recently we were invited to an information session to learn more about Probiotics, and how BioGaia®  products can help adults and children achieve a healthy gut. The event was hosted by health professional Bryce Wylde whom I met before and attended his educational seminars. He specializes in homeopathy, clinical nutrition, supplementation, and botanical medicine. Julie Daniluk, the nutritionist and co-host of reality cooking show Healthy Gourmet (Oprah Winfrey Network), and in-house nutritionist on the Marilyn Denis Show (CTV) joined us to share her knowledge about food choices, health and presented her delicious recipes.

Julie Fermented food

Everything starts with food choices we make every single day. Our gut flora changes depending on what we consume. If food is rich in sugar and low in fibre, we lose the balance between good and bad bacteria in out guts. While the importance of antibiotic is out of question, right now it is definitely #1 killer of probiotics. It takes from 12 to 24 month to get your digestive system back on track, that’s why the taking probiotics is so important. The demand in probiotics grows every year as the balance in the digestive system means strong immune system, healthy body, less stress, allergy and skin problems.


What you can do to improve, preserve and help children achieve a healthy gut:
  • Learn your body, remove food from your diet that cause constipation and an allergic response 
  • Get more good bacteria from fermented food like beans, fruts, grains (legumes), milk (kefir, cheese, probiotic yogurt) vegetable (kimchi, sauerkraut), pickles. 
  • Add some prebiotic food, our gut flora need to eat and grow with us, so eating more fibre helps good bacteria grow 
  • Born via C-section baby needs to be introduced to probiotics since she/he did not pass by the mother’s beneficial flora to strengthen little body immune system 
  • Freshly squeezed vegetable juices bring mineral content for the body band preserve & enhanced vit C and vitamin D 
  • Number of microorganisms does not make bacteria probiotic 
  • Add natural probiotics like BioGaia to the diet 
  • Stress and anxieanty is not only adult problem, children require digestive tract treatment, probiotics and fibre
Train baby dragon apples

BioGaia products available in Canada in two formats: Probiotic Drops and Probiotic Sugar-Free Chewable Tablets. Both contain the exclusive probiotic L. reuteri Protectis. This special probiotic naturally colonizes the digestive tract. It is even found in the milk of breastfeeding mothers. In fact, it is among the first bacterial species to become naturally established in the normal flora of babies.

L. reuteri Protectis is one of the most well-researched probiotics in the world, especially in children. BioGaia® products:
  • Are 100% natural 
  • Do not contain alcohol 
  • Do not contain preservatives 
  • Do not contain sugar 
Bryce Wylde

We tried both Probiotic Drops and Probiotic Sugar-Free Chewable Tablets. I think that drops are perfect for little babies because you can add them to any drink. Elder  children of Teddy's age like Chewable Tablets more. Teddy gets sick few times a year especially during fall  and winter seasons with flu and cold, and last time his temperature was so high that the doctor gave him antibiotics to take and then probiotics to keep the balance in the digestive tract. Kids are getting sick very often especially with upset stomach, it is always good to have reliable products to support our children body and keep them healthy.


If you like to learn more about the presentation please check it on-line. BioGaia® is available at most pharmacies and natural health stores across Canada. You can always check with health professionals and learn more about BioGaia at http://biogaia.ca/

Thanks to BioGaia® we are happy to host a giveaway and give a chance one of our Canadian readers to win Probiotic Drops or Probiotic Sugar-Free Chewable Tablets (winner’s choice). The giveaway ends November 5, 2015.


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  1. I learned that the Probiotic Drops can be given to infants to help with colic.

  2. To find BioGaia® at pharmacies and natural health stores, you might have to ask at the counter

  3. i learned that this company has over 20 years of experience in the field of probiotics.

  4. I learned that A medical study showed that infants taking BioGaia cried less after just 1 week - and 9 out of 10 babies responded to treatment and I learned they have a chewable tablet!

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  5. I learned that according to the World Health Organization of the United Nations, probiotics are live bacteria which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.

  6. I learned that over 4 billion daily doses of BioGaia have been safely consumed worldwide since 1996. That's incredible and it shows that it's proven and safe!

  7. I learned that BioGaia® has demonstrated beneficial effects in common digestive upsets such as diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating. and can help many stomach troubles, where bad bacteria has the upper hand.

  8. I learned that the probiotics are live bacteria which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.

  9. I learned that probiotics can help treat colic. I wish I knew that when my son was an infant!

  10. I learned that we really need to take care of our gut. it is the start of so many issues

  11. I learnt that these probiotics are clinically proven; There are 108 clinical studies using BioGaia’s human strains of Lactobacillus reuteri.


  12. I learnt that these probiotics are clinically proven; There are 108 clinical studies using BioGaia’s human strains of Lactobacillus reuteri.


  13. I like that they make probiotics for young children. I haven't heard of any other companies that make probiotic drops for children

  14. The Bio Gaia probiotic drops are safe for all ages, including infants.

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