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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Shopkins - Time to Go Shopping with Super Cute Friends #shopkins


Shopkins are very cool new toys and sometimes I compare them to new generation of collectibles which grow and gain more fans every year. Their little size, bright colors and funny names catch children attention right away. I am finally convinced that Shopkins are not only for girls, boys like them too. When we received our Shopkins sets from Imports Dragon, Teddy was very excited and could not wait to check them out. He examined each shopkin and decided to assign them to different roles in his plays. Shopkins can be used in shows, games and decorations. You can take them with you when travelling, to the playground and friends. Shopkins are small and can easily fit any pocket or bag, even little one, that’s why Teddy like them. The only difficult task is which ones to choose.

Shopkins Teddy

Our first set we received is Choc Frosted Shopkins set, and as holiday season is on the way and the season 3 selections already hit the stores, there are various Shopkins to choose from depends on themes like Bakery, Sweet Treat, Fruits & Veg along with Hats, Shoes, Stationary and Homewares. The funniest thing was having a hidden shopkin toy in the set, Teddy was so impatient to open the set and see what that hidden shopkin is.

The second set we received was Shopping Cart with two exclusive shopkins, shopping bags and a guide. Teddy now can put his buddies in the cart and follow all the stages of shopping like in real world. I found that each shopkin mean so much to our kid, he split them according to his plays and will be happy to collect them all thanks to Collector’s Guide. According to this guide some shopkins are exclusive and limited and some are common.

The last pack, unique and lovely Shopkins Fashion Spree - Ballet Collection with Piano, Music Box, Tiara, Ballet Dress, Ballet shoes along with other exclusive shopkins. The little shopkins in this set made to be the perfect pencil or stick d├ęcor, so you can use the whole set and tell the stories as we did. The Piano has a storage space where you can put little shopkins.

Shopping season is coming up and if you are looking for great gifts for young collectors, Shopkins are really good ones and affordable too. There are a lot of themes available to fit any taste. These Shopkins sets are available at major retailers like ToysRUs and Walmart for $19.99 and are selling fast, especially the recent Shopkins 3 release.

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