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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Journey Continues in Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass

I used to read and re-read Lewis Carroll’s stories during my school years. When six years ago Disney’s Alice in Wonderland was released we did not have a chance to see it, because Teddy was a little baby. Last week we had an opportunity to watch the sequel Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland called Alice Through the Looking Glass. While it is the continuation of Disney Alice story, for Teddy it was the first movie in the series we truly enjoyed watching. It is the same as in Lewis Carroll’s story where first is last and the last becomes first. I like that the move came out in 3D, it has so many great scenes to watch, so colorful and bright that on a big screen they looked impressive.

Alice Through The Looking Glass movie

Alice Through the Looking Glass starts with the moment when Alice Kingsleigh ( Mia Wasikowska) returns back home to London from China after spending three years exploring high seas. She is the captain of her father’s trading ship and on the way home the ship is attacked by sea pirates. Alice has to use her creativity and courage to fight the pirates and safely bring her team home. Upon her return to London, Alice finds lots of changes prepared for her at home as her mother wants her to settle and have a family and her employer to stop trading. All brilliant ideas and business proposals Alice has for trading with China are not needed any more.

At the same time Alice returns to the fantastical realm of Underland thanks to Absolem via special mirror. There Alice finds that Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp ) has lost his Muchness and rapidly aging because he thinks his family which was killed many years ago is still alive. The only way to find out what is going on and what happened to the Hatter’s family is to meet Time himself (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) and use the Chronosphere to go back in time and may be change it.

Mad Hatter and Alice

Travelling across the Oceans of Time, Alice tries to save her friend Hatter. While she is not able to change past, Alice learns a lot about her friends and enemies. That travel almost costs her the total disappearance of the Underland.

The Alice Through the Looking Glass story presents two worlds, real and whimsical, where Alice learns from both. I had a feeling that the real one was more for adults with all the problems related to money and payments, where no one understands what you want and why. Alice’s creativity and imagination is considered as mental illness and only people who love her find the courage to believe what Alice stands for. There were some very strong and serious moments in the movie only may be some grown-ups can understand but for our boy everything was really amazing. Teddy liked Time Himself so much and his outfit. It was nice to see the characters in their childhood and who they grown up into.

Alice Through the Looking Glass brings spectacular presentation of conceptions not easy to perceive especially for younger kids but in the movie they have shape and voice. I also like how the relationships between generations are precious and important like between Alice and her mother, Mad Hatter and his father, two sisters Mirana and the Red Queen.

The movie now playing in theaters across Canada!

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