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Friday, May 27, 2016

Car Seat Protector by DRIVE™Auto Products #driveandwin

Car Seat Protection

We have Britax car seat, it is pretty heavy, about 30 lb. Before we tried to install it in our car, we searched for something to protect our new car from scratches and indentations. Few years ago I did not find anything affordable so we just put a folded sheet which looked very ugly.

I am glad we found Car Seat Protector by DRIVE™Auto Products, another great product from the company. This car seat protector is easy to install, it has adjustable attachment strap on top and thick padding for the seat for best protection even for very heavy car seats. I like this protector made from quality materials including Padded Oxford 600D Fabric and does not smell cheap like rubber and plastic. The protector also has non-slip backing to keep a car seat in place.

Car Seat Protector back

There are also pouches at the bottom of the protector which we found very useful, not only for keeping used tissues or other small stuff. Our boy like to stump his feet on a car seat while riding, often wearing outdoor shoes so this bottom part brings extra protection not only from car seat scratches but also from dirt.

DRIVE Auto Products Car Seat Protector

The colors of Car Seat Protector are blue and grey, perfectly fit our grey car and match our car seat colors. I like that this protector is not very wide and has the right size to cover only one seat.

adjustable attachment strap

Available via Amazon.ca for $19.97, Car Seat Protector by DRIVE™Auto Products is a wonderful stylish car accessory to protect seats against scratches, notches and dirt.

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