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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Take Home Disney #BigHero6 on Blu-ray Combo Pack #Baymax

Last year we had a chance to see Big Hero 6 on a big screen and liked it so much. Since our folks tired hearing how great, interesting and funny this movie is, we decided to invite them to see Big Hero 6 and waited impatiently for Blu-ray/DVD release. We were very excited when the movie took the prize for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards, nice to see that people share our outlook.

Big Hero 6

The movie takes place in the city San Fransokyo where we follow adventures of Hiro Hamada, prodigy kid with brilliant future and amazing friends. Unfortunately Hiro has to face some tragic events and find the ways to cope with them. For good reason the boy forms a special bond with Baymax, a huggable lovable personal companion robot created by Hiro’s brother Tadashi. To find the answers to the series of strange sequence of events related to Tadashi’s tragic accident and Hiro’s recent robotics development, Hiro refers to his brother’s friends - neatnik Wasabi, adrenaline junkie GoGoTomago, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and comics fanatic Fred. Together along with Baymax they form a team called Big Hero 6 eager to get to the roots of the tragedy and become real heroes. During their journey the team learns and grows not only in terms of technical achievements and physical abilities. Big Hero 6 becomes one strong family where everyone supports each other, everything can happen and emotions take over, the team is here to help and stop if needed.

Big Hero 6

The movie is a great combination of funny moments, emotions to take you over, action and visual effects even though the DVD release is not in 3D right now, still enjoy blooming streets of San Fransokyo. I think movie shows kids incredibly well how appreciate what parents and family do for them and how precious that time they spend together, even those annoying advice and constant guidance are all in children’s favour. Another thing the film is out of “fairy” stuff like magic and royalty and more into real world with school, study, grades and a need for college education. If you are going to cry close to the end of the movie, do it, we even understand why.

Oscar Winner For Best Animated Film of 2014 Big Hero 6 is already on shelves in stores since last week, available on Blu-ray Combo Pack.

Baymax Teddy Cake Baymax Party Table Big Hero 6_Party

Our attempts to have a Big Hero 6 themed party along with Teddy’s Birthday celebration turned out to be pretty successful. Big Hero 6 is relatively new movie, while the party supply was not very easy to find we kept it simple, four colors items (white, black, red and blue), candies, marshmallow, cake and Cube. We had a good time watching the movie; it was definitely fun for family and friends.

Baymax Table Baymax Cake

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