.@TeddyOutReady: Teddy in Paris Day 4: Musée de l'Orangerie, Place de la Concorde, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teddy in Paris Day 4: Musée de l'Orangerie, Place de la Concorde, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe

Teddy at the Place de la Concorde

Our day four we started from Musée de l'Orangerie. It is famous for being the permanent home for eight Water Lilies murals by Claude Monet. They are so beautiful under direct diffused light in two oval rooms all along the walls. We also enjoyed seeing masterpieces of Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and many other famous artists.

Teddy at Musee de lOrangerie

The Place de la Concorde that is located next to Musée de l'Orangerie is one of the major public squares in Paris and was our next stop. The giant Egyptian Luxor Obelisk in the center of the The Place de la Concorde is the place where you must to take a picture. However Teddy was more impressed with Fountain of River Commerce and Navigation and particularly liked smaller figures of the tritons and nereids.
Before visiting Musee de lOrangerie Place de la Concorde

Champs-Élysées starts from The Place de la Concorde and ends at the Arc de Triomphe, built to honor the victories of Napoleon Bonaparte. With its cinemas, cafés, luxury specialty shops and clipped horse-chestnut trees it look spectacular any time of day. We decided to walk it from the beginning to the end and see why it is so famous. Sidewalks were quite crowded with tourists.

Street Dance Champs-Elysee

Here and there we saw street performers that mainly dancing in Hip-Hop style. Teddy likes dancing and watched it with joy and even tried few moves. It was a lot of boutiques around and we decided to return there on our last day in Paris for shopping. When we reached Arc de Triomphe, it was a line-up to get inside and then get to the top by stairs. It was a challenge for us to climb 50 meters with a stroller and Teddy in hand. Luckily we were told that there is an elevator for people with small children to get to the top.

Arc de Triomphe Arc de Triomphe

View from the top of Arc de Triomphe was outstanding for adults, but barriers there were higher then Teddy could see so he asked for 2 Euro coin to see view from monocular telescope. It was a nice day and we felt that we travel in time of French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. Good thing was that we avoided the fate of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. Even better thing waited us next day as we all were looking forward to visit Paris Disneyland.

Arc de Triomphe Top


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