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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teddy in Paris Day 2 Part II: The Sainte Chapelle, The Conciergerie, The Pont-Neuf

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On the way to The Sainte Chapelle we were walking around, took pictures near the Seine, and when passing the bridge we met a musician playing the accordion, quite common picture in Paris, you can meet live performers almost everywhere.

 photo TheSainteChapelle_zpsd9de66ab.jpg  photo TheSainteChapellearc_zpsea14211a.jpg
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The Sainte Chapelle was quite impressive with its Gothic style, stained glass, rich colors and vertical trends, even being under renovation that time. We left the stroller at the entrance to get upstairs, one stairs to go up and another one to go down, a quite interesting circular stairway. Teddy was involved playing with dolls in a boutique on the main level, they had Medieval style queens and kings, knights, horses and other toys.

 photo PalaceofJustice_zpsc0a808db.jpg  photo Conciergerie_zps63522ac7.jpg
We continued with The Conciergerie, the former royal palace and a prison during the French revolution. Museum passes did a great job giving us the fast way to enter the historic attractions skipping line-ups, great if you  are visiting with kids.

 photo Parisstreetartist_zps03709e71.jpg

On the street we also found an artist painting on the road, Teddy liked that so much even offered some help to the guy.

Our last stop for day 2 was the Pont-Neuf, the oldest standing bridge across the Seine, it was more like a mid-river island, you can have great views from it. This bridge was not over-crowded when came there, nice place, Teddy was running there back and forward, looking how boats crossing the river and chasing birds. The bridge fences were covered with locks and Teddy decided they are toys and tried to take them out. This bridge somehow reminded me Toronto Center Island in a smaller version but the feeling is same. At the end of the day we were so tired, headed home after vising the Pont-Neuf to prepare for next day royal treat at the Palace of Versailles.

 photo Pont-Neuf_zps5e20e38b.jpg  photo TeddyatPont-Neuf_zpsde26e42a.jpg  photo 252_zps160c9230.jpg  photo TeddyPont-Neufflowers_zps76f60775.jpg  photo TeddyPont-Neufplaying_zps660afe8a.jpg  photo TeddyPont-Neufpointing_zps76d45648.jpg

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