.@TeddyOutReady: Stay Warm with Nikko Lighting Canada Ceramic Heater

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Stay Warm with Nikko Lighting Canada Ceramic Heater

Nikko 168

As the weather is getting colder, we are looking for the ways to warm up. I always had a portable heater with me to take to work and at home when it is cold. Even though modern buildings in Canada are fully heated I think some spots are really cold especially when you work or live in large rooms or sit close to the window. Sometimes you do not need to heat the whole house to feel comfortable, and just one warm corner is enough to be heated using a portable heater.

Nikko Lighting front

Recently I received Nikko Lighting ceramic heater, model Nikko 168 to try. We used it for a while and very satisfied how it works. Nikko 168 is lightweight, even Teddy can move it from one room another. The size is pretty small too. It operates on 1500 Watt and heats room temperature up to 120F degree. The ceramic heater has three modes: Low, Medium and High, along with Fan. Using Thermostat you can set the air flow from low to high. The power light indicates that the heater is on and working. Nikko 168 also has essential safety features. It designed automatically shut-off when tipped forward or backward. In case of overheat or if the inlet air duct gets obstructed, Nikko 168’s Thermal Protection System shuts off the heater.

Nikko Lighting back

I like how Nikko 168 is designed, it looks very stylish and I like the color and how its small size fits our rooms’ style. Of course, you cannot place anything close to the heater but, overall, it is neat and cozy. The heater also has a convenient carrying handle to move it from one spot to another. You can use it at home, take it to work, cottage or when travelling. It is compact and safe. The price is $39.95 on Amazon.ca along with free shipping. For more information about Nikko 168, please, check Nikko Lighting online.


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