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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Feeling Confident & Empowered by New Skills Learned at #SailunCarClinic

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The school year is over and summer is on its peak with vacations and road trips, long and short ones. Water, mud, snow, slush and other conditions depending on a season are what tires experience on the road and designed to keep us safe in our cars. You know how harsh Canadian weather can be, especially in winter, safety is always our first priority. We know that our smooth and safe ride starts before we get into the driver’s seat. No matter what season we have - safe drive is what we always look for.

Sailun Car Clinic

Recently we were invited to Car Care Event organized by Sailun Tires and PTPA at Etobicoke Active Green+Ross. Honestly speaking, before the event I did not pay attention to most of car maintenance discussions, especially when I know that there are family members who are in the industry, pretty knowledgeable about it and always ready to help. The event started with Sailun Tires introduction to tires, how important they are for a car safety. We learned what the tire labeling means, it looks like a UPC number.

Sailun Car Clinic Tires

Proper tire inflation is very important, it gives you safe and smooth ride, save you money because tires serve you longer plus reduce fuel consumption. Under-inflation of only 5psi can diminish the life of a tire by 25%. Significant temperature variance can affect a tire pressure change. Over-inflation is not good either and results in shorter tire life. Another thing, for maximum support, you need to rotate your tires every 6000 km depending on a vehicle type to minimize tire wear. Everyone knows that cars are expensive, so to make sure we get the most of our driving, safe and reliable, few things need to be done by car owners, like measuring tire pressure every month and rotating tires twice a year.

Sailun Car Clinic Inside

Next part in our Sailun Car Clinic was practical learning. We split up into teams and under the guidance of the professional mechanic changed a tire on a real car. It was very helpful experience, now I feel pretty comfortable of using the jack and other tools which were before more like “do not touch” items. I was terrified before by a thought of changing a flat tire during cold winter day with temperature -20C, now I think I can do it, even alone without anyone’s help. The last step was to learn what is inside our cars: transmission, oil, lights and other interesting items to understand how they work.

Overall, we had an amazing experience at Sailun Tires Car Care clinic, I am glad that Sailun Tires takes safety on the road very seriously with true belief in quality and support of their product and building strong relationship with their customers worldwide. Their reasonable prices and great quality products already took over 50 countries including Canada. The Car Clinic is another way to teach public about the safety on the road.

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We are also excited to share that Sailun Tires and PTPA Media are generously offering a set of tires to win to one lucky person. The giveaway is open to Canadian residents only. For your chance simply fill the form below.

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