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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Simple and Stylish Cable Management Solution #anthrodesk

You never realize how little organizing items can make your life so much easier and better. Let me introduce Dual Cable Clips for Wire Organizer. Sold as a 3 pack authentic 3M self-adhesive, these clips are perfect organizing solution for TV, iPhone, Smartphone, Cell Phone, Desktop, Computer Wires, USB Cords.

Dual Cable Clips

We have kids and adults using various devices, so for us 3 pack is exactly what we need to make sure that kids do not pull loose wire and adults can comfortably use techs for their needs. These simple and stylish dual cord clips stick onto smooth surfaces with a self-adhesive to grab cables by their connectors, keeping them tangle-free and ready for use. Authentic 3M adhesive is good for all surfaces including wood, plastic or metal. Peel-and-stick self-adhesive makes installation easy and quick. Another cool feature is that it is a dual clip so you can have two cables at the same time or just wind a cable so it does not tangle.

Attached to a surface Dual Cable Clips also keep cable connectors from falling, providing a great cable management solution. If you work in office environment using standing desks, or having different people working at the same workstation during various shifts then you definitely need to have Dual Cable Clips to keep your place always clean and organized.

For more information about Dual Cable Clips please visit Amazon.ca or check AnthroDesk web site. AnthroDesk is the company located in Canada and offers a wide variety of products for modern and healthy office environment.

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