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Friday, May 8, 2015

Anti-fatigue Ergonomic Comfort Mat #anthrodesk

I have been working for IT for a long time and I know how it is difficult to sit at your desk all the time. It is good if you have properly scheduled set of tasks when you spend only the certain amount of time working on-line. Unfortunately, if your work involves some contracting, time spent on-line sitting can be pretty long, what is definitely not good for your health and body.

Standing Desks started their journey many years ago and nowadays became very popular. With lots of office work, on-line development and social media, we spend lots of time sitting and working at the computer. Standing desk is one of the solutions to keep you active while working at your desk. 

Anti-fatigue ergonomic comfort mat

While I do not have standing desk so far, I do put my tablet or smartphone on the wall to watch, from recipes to latest updates I am also doing other tasks like cooking and cleaning. In these situations I love using "saying standing" on my Anti-fatigue ergonomic comfort mat. It is such a saver when you need to stand for extended period of time. AnthroDesk anti-fatigue mat easily prevents fatigue, ankle and knee joint pains and improve blood circulation. If you have a chance to have varicose veins, you know what is this all about. Our seniors love this mat even though they do not work on-line; they just stand for some period of time.

The high density ergo-foam ergo-foam makes your legs feel really good, I think the winning design featuring square switches make your feet and legs feel comfortable. Honestly speaking, this mat is pretty addictive. Being 18"x30" and lightweight I take my AnthroDesk anti-fatigue mat around the house from kitchen to basement for all my standing time.

Sold by Canadian company AnthroDesk anti-fatigue mat is available for purchase for $49.99 via company web-site and Amazon.ca. For now the company ships mats to Canadian addresses only, check it out, I am sure you are going to love it as we do.

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