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Friday, August 12, 2016

Pete’s Dragon is Heartwarming Old Story with a Modern Touch #Disney

Petes Dragon Disney

This week we attended advance screening of Pete’s Dragon in Toronto. The first thought was if the story is about the dragon mostly like a mystical creature. The more we saw the more we were into the story taking place in a small town surrounded by forests. Local lumber and wood businesses grow fast nearby. Many years old wood carver Mr. Meacham fascinates children with his the fierce dragon tales of that resides deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. The dragon, whom Mr. Meacham saw himself as he ensures, is introduced in stories as a forest protector and huge in size. Kids, of course, totally believe old wood carver and hope one day to see the dragon themselves.

The story may be end up just as a tale but Mr. Meacham’s daughter Grace and granddaughter meet in the forest a strange boy, whose name is Pete. The kid seems has the woods as his home and lives with his friend, green giant dragon Elliott. The more Grace’s family learn about Pete, the more they start understand what happened to the little boy. While Grace as a forest ranger who spends most of her time working in forest never seen any dragons. You will be amazed Elliott’s abilities to merge and disguise with the forest so that no one can see him except may be Pete. As the story develops we find what happened to Pete and how he lost his family in an accident. Then Pete meets Elliot and they both spend almost all the time together many years unnoticed. The amazing friendship between little boy and the forest creature is so touching.

The story is not without villains, who try to catch the green dragon to their profit. But thanks to Mr. Meacham and children, Elliott is set to be free and have to build his own family. The most heartbreaking moment is when Elliott and Pete realize that they cannot be together anymore. Pete’s need his family back he lost many years ago. And for Elliott, it is not safe to be close to people. Of course, Elliott is huge and strong; when angry you can expect a fire breathing dragon but still cute, friendly and protective.

Teddy liked the movie a lot; he said he even cried at the end. The story is touching and talks about real feelings, love, loss, support, friendship and family. You see how simple things make us happy and our connections are so strong that we can do everything to protect the loved ones, even change for better. As Mr. Meacham said you change the perception of how you see the world after you meet the dragon. Many things we co-exist with, good or bad, you can see and feel if you willing to. Take your chance to experience the magic.

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon is now playing in theatres in 3D, highly recommend to see it, great family-friendly movie about real love, friendship and what is important in life.

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