.@TeddyOutReady: Crystal Gem Zelfs Arrived to Make Our Holiday Season Shine with Love #TheZelfs

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Crystal Gem Zelfs Arrived to Make Our Holiday Season Shine with Love #TheZelfs


Last year we were introduced to Zelfs and since then our friendship becomes stronger every day. There are lots of things to learn from Zelfs and this time of the year Crystal Gem Zelfs are here to make our holiday season shine. They are not alone as they build Crystal Empire and now have even more power to share and impress others. Each Zelf has own unique personality along with unique power to use in different situations. In the secret garden “Zardenia” there are so many amazing Zelfs that everyone can find favorite one. Magical skills of Zelfs are so impressive. They can build friendship, teach how to forgive, be happy and much more. What is common in all Zelfs that they have absolutely fantastic hair which differs in colors and can be styled using a hair brush and accessories.

This holiday season we are lucky to get some sparkle from the Crystal Caves and meet new Zelfs characters. The first one is Princess Crystella who has beautiful hair which can glow in the dark with a heartfelt touch. She is all pink with big eyes and blonde hair. Princess Crystella also has beautiful wings so that she can fly and light up everything around. Her hair lights up with different colors. Zelfs are available in three different sizes. The toy we received along with Princess Crystella is Red Panda Ooma. It is a very smart Zelf living in the Bamboo Forest and having the power of Forgiveness.

They are so bright and colorful that can make any story and game very interesting. The power given to The Zelfs is used to protect the loved ones and kids like playing with them. From hair styling to solving “Zardenia” garden challenges, The Zelfs are lovely toys to light up holiday season and children's imagination.  With Zelfs kids become kind, smart and creative. The Zelfs hair is like a little sparkle starting small but can ignite and brighten the holiday season with kind and brave hearts.

Available via major retailers across Canada, Imports Dragon Zelfs toys are to inspire and entertain kids and adults.

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