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Thursday, June 11, 2015

ThinkFun Rush Hour® Shift 2-Player Strategy Game #thinkfun

If you like board games, Rush Hour is one of the interesting logic games. ThinkFun recently introduced Rush Hour® Shift 2-Player Strategy Game. I am not a huge fan of Rush Hour on the road in real life, but this game is a pretty cool brain-teaser and keeps kids and adults busy.
Rush Hour Shift 2-Player
The main idea is to cross the traffic grid with your Hero Car and be first of your opponent. Both players start at the same line and then move forward towards the other side of the traffic grid. Each player picks a card for every move. The interesting feature is that you can shift the road back and forward to free your path or block your opponent, yes, no time to be nice, it is Rush Hour!
Rush Hour Shift 2-Player Strategy Game

If with playing cards (32 of them) you need some luck, when it comes to a strategy, it is up to a player to find the smartest ways to get through blocking cars to the finish. As for blocking vehicles, there are cars, trucks and buses of different colors.

The game also includes a booklet with 10 game set-ups from easy to more difficult ones. Teddy loves playing Rush Hour® Shift 2-Player Strategy Game with us, if only he was so good in following all the rules, sometimes he creates his own and assumes it has to be that way. This two-player Rush Hour is much more interesting than one-player game, because it brings some interesting turns when you have to think for two people and predict your opponent’s next moves.

Overall, it is a great brain teasing game for kids and adults, quite challenging and involves you from the beginning to the end. It gives you ways to solve the problem but how you are going to do it, that’s the trick! Available on Amazon and on-line for $27Rush Hour is a perfect gift for anyone who loves interesting and challenging games.  
ThinkFun Rush Hour

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