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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yoga Tree Bay & Dundas Launch Event #Toronto

Yoga Tree Bay & Dundas

The weather is getting colder, but there is a place to hide and spend few hours at the new Yoga Tree studio opened recently at the heart of Toronto, Bay and Dundas. This easily accessible location makes a fantastic escape to relax and rejuvenate after a busy day. It is a lovely place where you can heal and energize.

Yoga Tree studio

I was really into the inspiring story of Debbie Fung and Jason Lu, who were persistent in pursuing their dreams to create a yoga community going back in 2007. Last week we were invited to join the opening celebration of their fifth Yoga Tree studio in the GTA which says how popular and desirable these studios in our city. My first thought about this new location was how it is close to Toronto Financial District along with Eaton Center, Dundas Square and Ryerson University.

Fire Room Yoga

I like that Yoga Tree is a whole new concept of yoga where everyone can join no matter of level experience you have. The atmosphere at the Yoga Tree is calm and welcoming, to make you forget all hassles and problems of this busy world, re-charge and get your energy back. The studio offers about 75 classes per week where you can practice over eight yoga styles.

Bay & Dundas Yoga Tree is 10,000 square foot spacious studio with big rooms, FSC certified cork flooring, energy efficient lighting, lockers and convenient change rooms with blow dry stations.


A special attention goes to sauna, which brings so many health benefits, come to relax, revive, rejuvenate, get rid of muscle tension and purify - such a great addition to yoga classes. The studio also features tea lounge where you can enjoy Kombucha Bar which offers an amazing organic cold tea elixir with a thousand year old recipe to cleanse, detoxify and energize.

Southbrook organic wine Organic Beer
Our visit was full of amazing treats including foot and hand massage, henna tattoos and delicious healthy food from Freshii. It was nice to meet our old friends from Southbrook winery (which we visited few weeks ago) with delicious organic red and white wine.

Freshii healthy food

Overall, the atmosphere in the studio was fantastic, you feel like you want to go back over and over again and leave the studio fully relaxed and empowered.

Take a chance, stop by 123 Dundas Street West and experience the incredible getaway in Toronto downtown. For fees, membership and corporate discounts please check http://www.yogatree.ca web site.

YogaTree Studio Bay & Dundas


  1. Everything about this place looks amazing. Those wraps look pretty tasty.

  2. This sounds and looks like a relaxing place to go. Wish we had one near where we live.

  3. I just started doing yoga and I wish we had a place like this in my area. This looks like a really nice place to visit.

  4. This looks awesome. I already feel more relaxed just reading about it.

  5. I love how you can take your shoes off and get comfy like you are at home. It looks like an amazing place.

  6. What a nice atmosphere. I love the candles. Amber N

  7. Looks very relaxing! I'd like to visit. Seems fun!

  8. This does look like a great place to relax and to get a little down time. I wish one of these would open up near our home.

  9. I do yoga as often as I am able to sneak off to the Y to join a class. It has been an amazing practice for my mental and physical health. This is a beautiful looking studio. I wish the owners great success. The event launch looks like it was brilliant!

  10. I can feel the Zen kind of feeling in this place - seems really nice.