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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Teddy's Top 10 Achievements of 2013


1. Understand basic geography
Last year we bought for Teddy big 96 pieces world map floor puzzle. He started learning that there are different places in the word. We showed him places we visited and where our relatives and friends live. This year we got Teddy a globe and he can apply all his knowledge now. He was impressed with amount of water on the Earth and likes New Zealand and Madagascar. He also likes telling everyone that Penguins live in Antarctica and Polar Bears in Arctic.

Teddy in Paris

2. Visited Paris and Montreal and became acquainted with French culture
In 2013 we visited two world francophone centers Paris and Montreal. Teddy cherishes memories from those trips and often watches videos with our activities there. The biggest impression from Paris - Eiffel Tower, of course, and from Montreal - an organ concert.


3. Become a little artist 
During whole year Teddy attended 4Cats Art Studio and made much progress in art area. He is attending art classes without parent and solely responsible for his masterpieces. We noticed that he has a special vision and can see something unique in every person or thing that he is drawing. When you see his drawing you can guess who(what) he drew based on that unique feature. The same do street artists. For example, when he draw Gran Croods from “The Croods” movie he drew her with a cane and that cane has a very special shape. Because of shape of the cane – you can easily understand who is on the picture.

4.  Learn big pieces of children’s poetry by heart
We never tried to learn children’s poetry by hart with Teddy until daycare staff asked him to learn few lines for their Christmas party. We were surprised that he learned 4 lines in one minute and then decided to learn the bigger piece. He learnt several dozens lines easily and able to remember them for sometime. I think the best memories in their live people have in early child hood when they are 3-5 years old.


5. Doesn’t afraid to perform for big crowds
 It is one thing to learn something at home and completely different to perform alone when many people watching you. Teddy is not afraid to dance or sing to the audience even though he is usually shy with people if he doesn’t know them.

6. Understand difference between languages and alphabets 
Teddy knows different alphabets and speaks not only English. It is interesting to see how he can manage keep in memory everything, distinguish and write letters from different alphabets. He can also distinguish several languages. He understands when people speak in English, French or Spanish and if you ask him to speak one of these languages, he may pronounce something that doesn’t make sense, but sounds exactly like words from that language.


7. Love and started learning music 
Teddy loves music, listens and knows a lot of songs. He also has some percussion music instruments and DJ equipment for kids. This year he started asking questions about music and we decided that it is time for him to start learning piano and basic music theory. We bought Teddy a piano and he has   piano lesson once a week. He loves playing piano and learning new melodies every day with us.

8. Able to solve 300 pieces puzzles 
We bought new 100 pieces puzzle for Teddy and he solved it within and hour. We got 300 pieces puzzle and it was a challenge for him. He worked on it several days and few times even asked for help. At the end of the day he solved it too, but didn’t ask about new puzzle since then.

9. Willing to explore everything
Teddy likes to try everything and never says NO when it is about trying something new. I like it and try to support him in it. Sometimes it doesn’t turn to be a pleasant experience for him though. Teddy likes to dance and decided to attend trial dance lesson. He was excited and could not wait to start. All his excitement disappeared when he realized who his classmates will be - seven girls in identical pink classical tutus. After 10 minutes in class he gave up and said that he wants dance hip-hop in boys group and doesn’t like a ballet. All dance studios that we contacted required being 5 years old in order to attend hip-hop classes. So we’ll wait another year.

10. Can write a letter or a card.
This season Teddy wrote all birthday cards and a letter to Santa Clays by himself. Letters are big and different size, but everything is readable. Of course, you need to tell him what letter should be next, but he writes it without any help and knows how every letter looks like.

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