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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Teddy in Paris Day 8: Eiffel Tower, CinéAqua Aquarium

The most challenging task in Paris is to get on the top of Eiffel Tower. Any time of day there is a line of thousands of people that guarantees you several hours of waiting time. There is a cut, but you have to buy online and provide exact day and time when you are planning to visit. We didn’t do that in advance and came at the opening time hoping that waiting time will be reasonable. It was chilly and rainy day with significant wind gust.

Eiffel Tower  photo Teddy Paris view Eiffel Tower

Luckily, early morning the line was short and we waited only twenty minutes to reach the elevator. We ascended to second level and started to walk around and spot Paris’ famous buildings that we already visited and those that we didn’t have chance to visit yet. Second level was relatively small and we had a problem to find a place to take pictures without other people on it. Then we moved to the third level observatory's upper platform that is at 279.11 m (915.7 ft). Even thought third level is smaller then second there was not too many people  and we had a chance to enjoy views of the Paris from the highest point accessible to the public in the European Union.

It was very nice view of Seine with bridges and moving ships. Champ de Mars caught out attention with its long green rectangles. We were surprised to find out that Gustave Eiffel had a small apartment on the top of Eiffel Tower. It was closed, but we were able to look inside through the windows.

Paris view Eiffel Tower1 Paris view Eiffel Tower

As soon as Teddy recognized a monocular telescope, he asked for two euro coin and we could see Paris closer from the top. We bought some souvenirs and T-shirts in the boutique and took elevator to get back to the street level. By that time the waiting line formed to endless, only proving that "Go Early" rule works and we were glad that the biggest item in our Paris’ wish list was completed.

CineAqua Aquarium Crab CineAqua Aquarium Fish

In our plan for the day was also visit to CinéAqua Aquarium that was conveniently located five minutes walk from Eiffel Tower. They have over 9000 fish and 26 sharks that live in more than 4 million litters of water including the largest tank in France. Teddy was exited to see so many different sea creatures. His favorite activity there was petting fish. In CinéAqua Aquarium there is a pool with all kinds of fish that come to you when you put hand in the water. You can touch them and they even try to kiss your hand and fingers. Teddy liked it so much. First time he  played with fish like with cat.

Petting Fish CineAqua Aquarium Paris

Teddy also spent a lot of time in Nautilus submarine where he turned steering wheel back and forward like  Captain Nemo. For Teddy the aquarium was the way more interesting than Eiffel Tower. Another amazing day came to the end and we had only one day left. We planed Seine Cruise and shopping for our last day in Paris.

CineAqua Aquarium Nemo CineAqua Aquarium 

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