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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Centreville Kids-Fest 2013

Beasley Bear
During summer Centreville hosts multiple events including Kids-Fest. This year Kids-Fest returned back with its best entertainment, rides and shows for the third time. We visited the first Kids-Fest in 2011: Teddy having fun at Centreville Amusement Park, it was a huge success, so this year we also were excited to attend and participate in numerous activities for kids.

It is always an adventure to visit Centre Island; I think everything starts with a ferry ride giving that special feeling of a getaway similar to a pirate who brings the ship to island shores or a traveller coming to the coast.

hula hoop Centreville Theatre

The theatre performance waited us first to enjoy on the island beginning with hula hoop lady who actively interacted with the audience, asked kids to help her in her set and then was showing some hula hoop tricks. Then the main performance fairy tale took the stage with a king; a prince and a princess; interesting turn around. It was only thirty minutes so my little one was a good boy and watched the performance till the end. The stage decoration was very special changed smoothly according to the scene.

Argo Teddy Argo Toss

Then we moved to the Kids-Fest major spot where Teddy took the ride on one of tittle tikes tricycle, practised some football throws thanks to Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders and met famous Centreville resident Beasley Bear. There also were bouncing castle, face painting and balloons.

tittle tikes tittle tikes tricycle

Hot day was not fulfilled if we did not visit a splash pad or a pool. Centre Island has one nice splash pad located in the heart of Centreville Amusement Park and where Teddy had a good time playing.
Then we walked to the beaches to see the lake, birds and boats floating on the lake. The day was nice and sunny.

Centreville playground

Close to the beaches there is a good playground, another splash pad and two pools, great for kids. Teddy took all his chances to enjoy everything and was so tired by the end of the day, that our intention to take rides in Centreville Amusement Park had to be postponed only meaning that we are coming back to Centreville very soon.

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