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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

My First Quiz Picture Books For Little Ones | Back To School

My First Quiz Picture Book

Kids love learning new things. I remember the time when Teddy was younger at the age when he couldn't read yet, but loved browsing through books, looking at the pictures and pretending he knows how to read.

My First Quiz Picture Books are fabulous new books from Clever Publishing. They are designed for babies over 12 month and toddlers. The books are bigger in size, with colorful illustrations and engaging content. They are made in a format of quiz and intended to be educational, interesting and fun. Each book contains 150 questions to answer.

My First Quiz Picture Book helps to build kids' first words and vocabulary. The questions in the books are split by categories like Play, Wear, Hear, Feel and others, mostly about children's world, what surrounds them like "What do you wear when it rains?" or "What do you put on your toast?" Each question is presented as a picture with a question(s) and sometimes with a funny description. The answers to the questions can be found on the same page at the bottom also in a picture form. 

My First Quiz Picture Book

The second book, My First Quiz Picture Book of Animals, offers a whole set of questions about animals to answer for little ones. For example, "Who hides in the sea grass?" or "This insect has lots and lots of legs!" The book has different categories like At Home, The Garden, On and Under The Ice (that's really interesting), The Farm and other. Bright colors and cute images of animals catch children's attention right away. There are over 150 animals to learn about through the book.

These are types of book kids come to check over and over again. They encourage little ones to learn something new every time time they open them, observe, think, ask even more questions, laugh, realize and discover. When kids learned something new from the books, they can play quiz games with parents or siblings. That will be a lot of fun.

For more information about My First Quiz Picture Books and other interesting books for children, check Clever Publishing. You can also find them on Amazon and Goodreads!

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