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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

I Don’t Like to Eat Ants by JTK Belle 🐜🍽️🥪| #ChildrensBooks

I Don’t Like to Eat Antsby JTK Belle

If you have a picky eater or someone bored of eating the same food all the time, then I Don’t Like to Eat Ants by JTK Belle is great story to read. It starts with two anteaters arguing about their food habits. Anteater One does not want to eat ants anymore because they are sticky, not sweet and no fun. Anteater Two disagrees, he thinks that anteaters should eat only ants, it is good for their health. Anteater One is not convinced and decides to switch to eating cinnamon bun, grilled cheese sandwich or chocolate cake. Second anteater thinks this is a bad idea because new food can give a tummy ache. Plus, they do not have teeth to eat this kind of food.

Nothing can stop Anteater One from eating new food. It looks like he tried different types of food before.  He replies that he can cut buns and sandwiches in pieces and then chew them. Or he can make a salad from flowers and plants.

I Don’t Like to Eat Antsby JTK Belle

This argument could continue but Anteater One challenges Anteater Two to try new things and invites him for lunch to a restaurant. A sever at the restaurant Anteater Three notifies that all bowls of ants are sold out and offers the guests a PB & J! Frustrated Anteater Two decides to try a peanut butter and jelly, just one little bite. Now both anteaters enjoy eating sandwiches.

I Don’t Like to Eat Ants is a lovely story to show that you never know what you'll like until you try it! It is written in rhymes, Teddy had fun time reading them loud. The book is nicely illustrated by Sabine Mielke and we liked funny ants' images at the bottom of some pages where ants expressed opinions on anteaters' conversations. I Don’t Like to Eat Ants is a hardcover book with glossy and smooth pages. It makes a wonderful gift to picky eater or everyone who is hesitant to try something new, just give it a chance!

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