.@TeddyOutReady: Charlie’s Colorforms City New Storytelling Series For Kids on Netflix To Ignite Creativity Through Imaginary Play | #CharliesColorformsCity

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Charlie’s Colorforms City New Storytelling Series For Kids on Netflix To Ignite Creativity Through Imaginary Play | #CharliesColorformsCity

Charlies Colorforms City

Charlie’s Colorforms City is new storytelling series for kids where main characters love creating stories. The series follow adventures of hilarious Charlie and his friends. They take kids on imaginative shape-filled trips with a colorful characters. Charlie created Colorforms City out of his imagination, so that he was able not only tell stories, but also put them in shapes and solve some problems.

Charlies Colorforms City

We watched the series and Teddy was impressed how colorful they are, catching your attention right away. There are many adorable and cute characters in the stories kids would enjoy. For example, twins Violet and Red, Charlies best friends; funny Klunk, Charlie's pet, STAR, Dragon, Miss Weather and many more including The Silly Faces.

Charlie gets emotional a lot, he gets sad, excited, happy depending on situation. And when he does, he changes color. You can watch how he becomes green, blue or purple. And we find it is a great way to show and educate children about emotions, to tell them that it is fine to feel sad sometimes, it is fine to express their feelings if they are happy or disappointed. Charlie feels the same way and he knows how to cope with his feelings.

In each episode characters show great team work. Each of them has a unique approach to creativity leading their imaginative collaborations to something incredible. They face challenges with all their creativity and imagination and inspire kids to do the same, play with friends, imagine, create, solve and do it together!

Charlie’s built Colorforms City on Signature Black Background with the sticky magic of Colorforms - colorful shapes of different sizes. Charlie can peel, stick, scale, and animate his world to move our stories forward. From a madcap farce to make enough pancakes with a pancake machine to feed all his friends, to an epic quest to deliver his forgotten birthday party invitations in a rocket ship-submarine, the stories get better, sillier and more interesting with every stick.

Charlies Colorforms City

Charlie’s Colorforms City series is inspired by Colorforms toy brand, their Stick & Peel sets first introduced back in 1950 gained a huge popularity and still ignite kid's imagination. Teddy had a chance to play with The Retro Original Colorforms Set. It is the same Charlie uses to tell his stories and express himself. Once Teddy opened Colorforms Set he got the whole line of stories to tell. The best thing you can peel and stick the shapes endlessly, so you always get new story to tell!
Charlies Activity Kit
This series celebrates the opportunity for kids to share their stories, and gives them the tools to enrich their tales and make them even better. Check this all-new children's series on Netflix, there are 26 episodes to enjoy, each lasts only 11 minutes. And while watching get this amazing free Activity Kit to play!


  1. Hey thanks for the introduction to this series,sure sounds like fun!

  2. Thanks for the Activity book ! We are French, and my little boy, Noam, loves Charlie on Netflix !
    I will prepare his 3rd Birthday Party on January with a Charlie theme ^^