.@TeddyOutReady: Make Colorful Swirls with Jakks Pacific's Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker

Friday, December 15, 2017

Make Colorful Swirls with Jakks Pacific's Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker

Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker

Kids are always attracted to colorful food. It is even better when they play little chefs and create something fancy on their own. With new Jakks Pacific's Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker Teddy found a new way to decorate his favorite baking products.

Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker comes as unicorn-shaped chilled dessert maker. It looks like a toy at first but it is more powerful. Designed for kids ages 5- 10, this swirl maker allows easily create the perfect rainbow swirl. The Swirl Maker includes 3 mix packets which kids mix with water and then chill in a fridge to make them ready to use in the maker. Then the special dispenser needs to be filled with the chilled mixes and the Swirl Maker is ready to use. Though there are only 3 packets of three colors (yellow, blue & green) included in the set, children can use only one color, two or mix all three colors. The mixes come as powders to combine with water and they finish quite fast because kids love to add swirls to almost any dessert.

Swirl Maker

To make more swirls you can get Swirl Maker 3 Refill Pack or make your own using swirl paste. Teddy did not like the powder version so we decided to buy and make own refill pack and this time we were able to add more colors to the final creation. It was fun to try Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker. Teddy used it to top cookies and treated the whole family. It was not without laughs and fails as first time Teddy released entire dispenser filling on one cookie almost covering it with rainbow swirl. So it was quite funny to watch.

 photo Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker Chef_zpsqrng8zeq.jpg

Since the set does not include any baked products, you need to buy cupcakes, cookies or ice-cream extra to decorate them, whatever you like the most. Plus, if you like adding sprinkles, the Unicone's horn is designed to add a final touch to children's creations.   

Overall, Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker makes a wonderful Christmas or Birthday gift for kids. It keeps children busy and they experience and learn something interesting. It is a great way for them to be a dessert chef for and impress family and friends with colorful swirls. By the way, they are delicious!