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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Find Comfort and Feel Confident in Svelte Built-in Shapewear

Svelte Shapewear

I have never been skinny lady even though I wear small size. And at my age I know I am not going to be skinnier, in opposite, every extra piece of pie or candy result into extra body pounds. There are some days and possibly months when you are busy with some other stuff and do not pay attention to your weight as your head is filled up with something else like working on new projects or meeting a deadline. Or during holidays you indulge yourself with some holiday treats you can only have once a year. Since woman's body constantly changes, having babies, hormonal changes, stress and other factors, clothes should also change and give us a confidence.

Svelte Shapewear Travelling

Svelte Built-in Shapewear offers solution to those tummy and thigh problems. You look great, feel comfortable and focus on other important tasks other than bumps and how to fit into those fancy jeans. I think Svelte has a great combination of fabric quality, style and knowing women's body the best . Their products help hide what is necessary and show the best you have. For example, my Tight Ankle Slit Leggings slim legs, flat tummy with special design and make a bum firmer. All that achieved with special denim-like fabric (Twill, Cotton Spandex) and unique design.

 photo Tight Ankle Slit Leggings front_zpsxonzep1i.jpg Tight Ankle Slit Leggings side

The Leggings I got are very comfortable. I put them on and forget about my worries focusing on other tasks. There are two colors available for this style so I've chosen black one, because I can wear it with almost anything and anywhere. Tight Ankle Slit Leggings has a built-in waist panel to make your tummy look smooth and feel comfortable. The fabric is very light what is perfect for summer hot season. I also like the trimming, really nice.

I attended a couple events wearing Tight Ankle Slit Leggings. I liked how comfortable they were. Now I'd like to get more tops for my wardrobe. Svelte carries a nice selection of skirts, tank tops, shorts and leggings of course.

Wearing Svelte Event
Me & Eric McCormack from Will & Grace at Corus Upfront Event
If you are looking for some shape wear for summer or fall than check Svelte's selection of products. My love goes to leggings collection but there are other amazing items to choose from. Feeling comfortable has never been so easy with Svelte built-in shapewear!

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