.@TeddyOutReady: Brica Are We There Yet Travel Tray with Snack Catcher Cup #MomSquad

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Brica Are We There Yet Travel Tray with Snack Catcher Cup #MomSquad

Are We There Yet Travel Tray

It is very difficult to keep kids entertained in a car during long road trips. They cannot sit quietly for a second unless have something interesting to do. You can find online various tips and advice how to keep kids busy during those long trips especially during summer time. The weather is warmer, kids out of school and vacation time for families finally gets its turn as parks, pools and outdoor activities are summer favorites.

Are We There Yet

While there are lots of suggestions how to entertain kids in a car, Munchkin came with great idea to support all those activities introducing special Brica Are We There Yet Travel Tray with Snack Catcher Cup. It is like a mini table designed to help kids play, eat & have fun, but in a car. It can be connected to a car seat and easily removed if needed. You need to attach the straps to the car seat and it is ready to use. The Travel Tray has cushioned, ergonomic design to help kids feel comfortable in a car during long trips. It also has reversible top like a mini tray cover which is easy to clean, just wipe it and put it back. The Tray has raised walls to make sure snack, food, games, cards, crayons and other items do not fall on the car floor. Teddy likes the tray because he uses it to play with his school cards, eat snacks and play with his tablet. We had five-hour trip to Montreal and our kiddo was happy to have the tray so he does not need to hold his toy on his laps, he plays with them on tray like it was a mini table.

Brica Are We There Yet Travel Tray Brica Are We There Yet Travel Tray Pocket

Best thing, the tray comes with Munchkin's best-selling Snack Catcher®. Teddy loves this catcher because he fills it himself in advance. It is like a game when we ask "What Teddy is going to eat during his next trip to ..., what he wants to fill his snack catcher with?" A child can take the snack dispenser with him when trip is over and use it as a regular snack container.

Brica Are We There Yet Travel

From short grocery runs to long road trips, the Are We There Yet™ travel tray is prefect car ride companion for kids. Enjoy your time together as a family and travel better together with Munchkin!

Brica Are We There Yet Travel Munchkin


  1. It looks like a fab product - but what worries me a lot with these types of things, particular if they are of hard plastic, is the projectile danger in the event of an accident. Is this product crash tested at all?

  2. It is really nice product, there is no plastic except orange sides and Catcher Cup. I expect the company add the info in regard of crash testing, we want to see the results too.