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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lightning, Storm, Cruz & Racing Dreams in Disney Pixar Cars 3 #Team95

Cars3 Mater

Lightning McQueen is back on the big screen in Cars 3 and we are very excited to see him again. Though the story is about racing cars, tracks and training, we all like characters more than speed and their rank. In new movie it becomes obvious that Lightning McQueen days as a top racer come to the end as new generation of cars show up with high-tech enhanced speed, better sensors and computerized control. But the famous McQueen is not the one who easily to give up. After failing the next race, he sees that all the cars he raced almost a decade with are retired or intend to do so. As a result

McQueen decided to start training using the same program new high tech cars trained. To get back in the game, he will need the help of an eager young race technician, Cruz Ramirez, who has her unique training style and a special plan to win. It was kind of experience but it did not bring much results to McQueen, his speed did not go up much. So Lightning McQueen decides to try another approach to training. With his new coach Cruz Ramirez, they head to the beach to make their tires dirty and then to my favorite part of the movie - the Thunder Hollow Speedway. There they experience Monster Jam along with Dirty Devil style racing, though it is crazy one but fun for sure. McQueen realizes that the life is not only fancy tracks and shiny trophies. During that journey Cruz Ramirez and Lightning McQueen learn a lot about each other. The racers struggles are often hidden inside and they tend to suffer alone. Cruz Ramirez, who all her life was inspired by Lightning McQueen success, never had a chance to become a racer though she wanted to. She encountered so many obstacles on her way, but her love for racing almost makes a good racer.       

Cars 3

Lightning McQueen visits his old teachers to see how they are doing after racing career is over. Everything is not that as bad as expected, lots of things to do and most important there are always cars who follow you, love you and inspired by you.

It is interesting that almost all McQueen's competitors are sure that he fails but still continue to check what he is doing. He has to be the winner, thinker, supporter and racing fanatic to make the decision he makes during Piston Cup Racing. Identifying racing talent and leading it to the victory belongs to #95 and who knew that this is going to happen.

We loved watching the movie; great animation, fancy racing cars and spectacular competitions. Though the movie has something for kids and something for grown-ups to think about, and it is about racing cars. Teddy likes Tow Mater & Miss Fritter. They make the story very funny and add some crazy nightmare-like features especially Miss Fritter’s school bus stop sign.

Cars 3 is a great movie for the whole family, now playing in theatres across the globe.

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