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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Infinity Jars To Preserve Freshness, Aroma, Taste & Quality #household

Infinity Jars Kitchen Bottles
I was looking long time for airtight containers to keep my herbs fresh. Our herbs garden brings decent harvest during spring and summer, often more than we are able to consume. We try to save some for fall and winter to enjoy our dishes and add some favorite flavors to them. After some search I came across Infinity jars. They carry a whole range of glass Jars, Kitchen Bottles, Apothecary Items and cosmetic bottles. Infinity Jars are not just regular containers, their jars are designed to preserve freshness, protect against light rays using Ultraviolet Light Filtering Technology and provide airtight seal. The jars are made from special pigmented deep violet glass created to block harmful rays and extent the shelf life of goodies you keep in them.

My order included 4 jars, two of them I used for spices, one for a lotion and Apothecary jar for a berry mix.

Infinity Jars Apothecary

I like the option to keep our just picked from the garden herbs fresh along with trial mix, homemade granola and seasoning mixes we make from time to time. While first what comes to mind is food, herbs and pantry items to keep in Infinity Jars to preserve the freshness, these containers are perfect for cosmetics and apothecary. The jars are ideal for keeping DIY lotions, creams, masks and soaps, as they protect contents against not only damaging light but also preserve aroma and freshness. There is an option to use pump or screw top designs for your creations.

From design perspective, I think these jars look absolute luxury. They can stand on top of your counters or kept inside the pantry. They look very stylish and functional in their purpose. If you check Infinity jars, you cans see that all products conveniently split by categories, so you choose what kinds of jars you need and what size to get.

Infinity Jars

I decided to take items from different categories and I think it was a good idea to try them for different purposes. Now I think I need my variety pack but in different sizes to meet my need in keeping food, cosmetics and some handmade goods fresh.

For more information about Infinity Jars, their selection of products and designs, please visit their web site. They offer free shipping to USA on orders over $100. The company ships worldwide, please email to sales@infinityjars.com for a custom shipping quote. You also get a cleansing cloth for jars to keep them bright & shiny with every order.

We are excited to partner with Infinity Jars and give away $30 store credit towards purchasing these amazing quality jars. The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents and ends June 2, 2017. Good Luck!

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  1. I would like to use Infinity Jars for my fresh herbs!

  2. I would probably use for my homemade spice mixes, they sure would last longer!

  3. I would love to use these for spices and fresh herbs!

  4. I would use these to store my spices and for infused oil!

  5. My husband makes lots of dry rubs so I think these would be great to hold them and they are also attractive!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  6. I would use the jars to make my own herbal oils.