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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Importance of Backyard Pumps #household

There are so many things you can do with pumps. In fact, they are one of the main parts of our households doing jobs that you do not even realize exist. Like any other valuable part of your home, it is important to keep them up and running all the time.


Pump is a device that transports fluid by using a mechanical action. Some people also refer to them as "sucker". Although this is a bit of slang it definitely fits the role.

So how does a pump work? It pressure water from area with lower pressure to one that higher pressure. Given that there is a difference between pressures, it creates an energy flux.

Have in mind that there are different types of pumps. When people mention them they usually refer to water pumps. This is normal as there are many of us who have water tank or a pool in our backyards. But there are also some other types in free sale. For example, some of them work based on gases and they are called compressors.

Let’s check what kind of pumps exist.

Types of pumps

There are various ways to differentiate pumps:

  • Based on their main use – pumps for machines, water drain, fuel, sanitation etc. 
  • Based on amount of liquid it can pump – there are those that work with smaller and larger amounts of water 
  • Based on type – we can differentiate centrifugal, clipped, pressure etc. 
  • Based on acquisition height – those that work with lower and higher acquisition 
The most common way we use pumps

As you can see, there are various ways to use a pump. Most common one is centrifugal pump. It can sever a wide variety of purposes for example for cars, washing machines, dish washers etc. In this case, centrifugal force causes movement of the rotor. It start sucking from one side. It can be used for lower and higher acquisition, it doesn’t have the ability to self-pump so it cannot work with smaller amounts of water on with a smaller speed.

Pumps in our backyard

You are probably wondering at this point "This is all nice and well but how can I use a pump in my backyard?" Lets check it out!

Water tanks
Water tanks are the most advanced water collection that you can install in your backyard. They do not require too much space and they beat any other system such as water barrels or stormwater pits.

So, how does this pump work?

First, rain starts falling and it fills the tank. This tank is connected to a pump and filtration system. Also, they are all connected to pipes. Pump is pumping water from tank to pipes and ultimately to your home. Given that this water is from rain and is additionally filtered you can easily use it fro drinking or washing yourself. Entire system will also be connected to a boiler so you can heat this water at your leisure.

Pool pumps

Pool pumps are another types of pumps that are commonly present in households and backyards.

First, the entire process starts by drawing water from pool and skimmer. Afterwords, it is delivered to your pool pump. Here, it passes the initial filter and goes to pool heater where it is heated to a desired temperature.

Without pump, water would not be able to circulate through system. It provides the necessary pressure that regulates it.


Life is better with pumps! They are our little helper coming through in our times of need. It rarely breaks and can serve for various things. Hopefully, your pump will serve you as well.

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