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Monday, June 6, 2016

Get Odour Free With Ever Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizers Naturally

Ever Bamboo Sets

Few years ago I knew nothing about bamboo charcoal. I tried Ever Bamboo products before as deodorizers for places we have difficulties to get rid of odors from. These natural deodorizers & dehumidifiers worked like a magic absorbing the odors in our fridge and sticky shoes. I like Ever Bamboo charcoal products because they eliminate constant odours which come over and over again. Bamboo charcoal has tiny holes to trap odours and moisture.

The selection of Ever Bamboo products grows every year and even my favorite actress Whoopi Goldberg loves them so much. Our family members have some respiratory problems, including allergy and asthma, so we are very selective in terms of deodorizers we use in our home. They have to be safe, natural, unscented and do the best job. So Ever Bamboo products are very good fit for us.

Hockey Deodorizer

This year we decided to try new products from the company and one of them is Hockey Deodorizer set which can be used to absorb odours in skates, gloves, bag and other equipment. Having hockey players in the family, we definitely need something for their hockey equipment to get rid of smell. While kids usually say that they do not smell anything in their equipment, moms know that there is something unpleasant for sure. I like the set because it includes four packets you can conveniently place into skates or a bag to eliminate odours.

Ever Bamboo Pets deo

Another product I like is room deodorizer, which I decided to use for our birds’ area, but same can successfully be used for bathroom, bedroom, closet or any other place you would like to eliminate the odours. Our budgies are pretty cute but their cage can smell sometimes when they have fresh food like lettuce or broccoli inside, plus their container with vitamins has unpleasant odour too. So I just put the pouch under their cage, and glad I can use this natural odour deodorizer for our pets which are safe for them and kids too.
Room deodorizer

Over the last few years Bamboo charcoal became extremely popular and you can find it in various household products, cosmetics and beauty industry for its revolutionary abilities to absorb, cleanse, exfoliate, and purify naturally. Bamboo charcoal is one of those proven products used millions years and only years ago brought to our attention.

Ever Bamboo, Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta offers a nice selection of Bamboo charcoal deodorizers and dehumidifiers, from room, closet, fridge, shoes deodorizers to sports equipment and musical instruments ones. One set lasts up to one year and you need to place the sets under direct sunlight every month for better performance (2-3 hours). After one year you can easily recycle it.

Ever Bamboo Selection

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