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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Take Care of Your Joints with Colchicine #health

Gout or podagra is one of the oldest, known diseases. This condition represents reoccurring arthritis affecting different joints within a body. Back in the day, this sickness was very common for nobility and is connected with bad diet and excessive consumption of alcohol. Nowadays, it is really easy to control this condition by changing diet, implementing physical exercises and by using medication. It can be divided into two categories: primary and secondary gout. Primary is caused by hyperuratemia of unknown origin while the secondary is caused by hyperuratemia of known origin.

This disease is very common for males. Only 5 % percent of women suffer from gout and this usually happens during menopause. Sickness affects older people, usually after 40 years of age.


Gout appears abruptly, during night, followed by extreme joint pain. This pain is so enormous that even contact with a blanket can cause a negative sensation. Usually, only one joint is affected by gout but it can also affect numerous joints at the same time. Patient can easily notice changes; entire area becomes swollen, stretched and red. Sometimes, because of the inflammatory process within a body, increased temperature and shivers may appear. Inflammation usually last for up two weeks and after that, it completely recedes. However, the problem will reaper soon after, attacking the same area as it did before.

There are certain factors that stimulate development and reoccurrence of gout. People who are eating heavy food, intestines, fish, individual who are using a lot of fat and spices in their diet, as well as consummation of alcohol can lead to creation of gout. Surgical interventions, use of certain medication, loss of weight and injuries can also be connected to this illness. If this problem is not correctly treated, it will become chronic after some time.

Treatment of gout includes two processes. First is treatment of arthritis while the other is treatment of hyperuratemia. Similarly to many other diseases that can become chronic, it is necessary to start treatment immediately. If the person takes all the necessary steps at a right time, it is possible to remedy the issue. Having in mind that condition is caused by bad diet, it is only natural that the diet should be immediately altered. Also, patient will need to drink a lot of water.


Perhaps the best drug for treatment of gout is Colchicine. According to You! Drugstore, this medicine can easily relieve symptoms of the disease. Drug is used orally, with or without food. Each case is particular and dosage needs to be tweaked based on that. The only thing that a patient needs to have in mind before using this medicine is that grapefruit and grapefruit juice can cause negative effect. As such, they shouldn’t be combined with Colchicine 0.6mg.

People who have liver and kidney problems, patients who are allergic to this drug or pregnant women, shouldn’t use Colchicine. The most common issues with this medicine are stomach irritations. Patient may suffer from nausea, stomach pain or vomiting. Other side effects are usually very rare.

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