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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Little Charmers Treehouse New Preschool Show

Children at young age learn about friendship and how they can help each other in different situations. Friendship itself is a miracle no matter how many friends you have. A new television series for preschoolers Little Charmers recently launched on Treehouse. The main characters, three little girls, Hazel, Lavender and Posie, who are fairies-in-training, learning how to use their magical skills. Even having magic wands sometimes cannot fix everything, and friend’s advice comes as a saver in a tricky situation. Little Charmers, spirited little girls, always seem to stir up funny situations, like turning the entire town into mushrooms or accidentally setting loose a herd of unicorns. Every time they have to use their imagination and magical skills to fix mishaps and appreciate the value of friendship.

Little Charmers

We watched Little Charmers few episodes and liked them for interesting content and colorful images. Teddy gave his approval for the series saying that his picky cousins would love Little Charmers for sure. First, for girls’ stylish outfit, second for Hazel, Lavender and Posie’s magical skills and finally, for engaging episodes.

Join adventures of Little Charmers, may be kids recognize the situations they have been in already and get the idea how to overcome them. Children can also visit LittleCharmers.com to see clips from upcoming episodes as well as access themed printables, downloadables and information about Hazel, Lavendar, Posie and their pets.

For upcoming Valentine’s Day, please check Fun Stuff Free Pintables for lovely Valentines with Hazel, Lavender and Posie. They are perfect for Valentine cards exchange game at school among friends and teachers. The site also has a game to play now, plus a Little Charmers app and more games in weeks to come.

Do not forget to tune to Treehouse every Saturday 6:30 p.m. ET for new magic adventures of Little Charmers.

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